Video Of Wednesday's (5/1) Special City Council Meeting

May 02, 2013

Why Do I Think That Brannum is Being Framed?

…because the sexual harasser “victim” who the DAR reported as an unnamed employee of the City…is the one and only City Clerk Pam Kearbey. And, according to the DAR, the witnesses to the alleged events were none other than City Manager Doug Bagby and City Attorney Wally Duncan.

There are only three members of the City’s staff who are hired and fired by the City Council. You guessed it: the City’s Clerk, Manager & Attorney. And the three of them are the ones who brought forth and/or corroborated the sexual harassment charges against Brannum.

The DAR reported that one week before Kearbey filed her police report, Brannum stated “that he would make a motion on May 6 to fire longtime City Clerk Pam Kearbey.”

So let’s be clear: Johnny was about to bring up a motion to fire Pam Kearbey and before he can make the motion, she files a sexual harassment claim against him and the two witnesses presumably have a vested interest in preventing a “change of guard” on City Council.

The other letter reported was deemed not sexual harassment 13 years ago or there would have been charges filed.

I support Brannum because in my opinion these charges are politically-motivated allegations which makes them bogus.

The video is on and in places you will have to turn up the volume to hear all of the dialog. Thank you to Show-me Pro Marketing for recording the Special Meeting.


  1. Tim

    After watching the recording of the Council meeting, I’m amazed how the chairman does not control the meeting, the council members and staff employees blurt out anything they feel like, the constant cross-talk, and no one seems to actually have the floor.

  2. jdcr

    What a joke this City Council Chamber is. Wow. This group of people and this inane conversation between them at a city council meeting is what runs your city? I feel terrible for all of you in Poplar Bluff. Your in trouble. Do something about it!! Get rid of these people, each and every one, as soon as possible. The only person making sense here is Brian Becker. The rest of these people are confused, corrupt, sick and demented and should lose their jobs yesterday.

  3. Mary Jane

    Come on people, the story is obviously false. No one in their right mind would want to sexually harass Pam Kearbey.

  4. Samantha

    Brian, I think you are a troublemaker. I do not mean that in a bad way though. I lived in the city of Poplar Bluff for two years before having enough of the BS from the city that I moved out of city limits. The city of Poplar Bluff needs more troublemakers, like yourself, to get people to open their eyes to what the elected city officials and certain business owners and police actually do. Its not just the city council that is corrupt but also the city of Poplar Bluff police force. Keep up the good work of being a troublemaker and a thorn in the side of Poplar Bluff city council!

  5. Ruthie carter

    It is VERY obvious even written in the DAR that this is a frame-up. He parked on the street near her house? Puh-leeze! Sat in the floor? Excuse me while I puke. This would be laughable if it weren’t so serious for our town. Every female who has really actually truly been sexually harassed is purple with rage that a woman would bring up such a serious charge using such pitiful excuses. Tell Mr. Brannum to not let those fools run him out, he is needed on the council.

  6. Rusty Shackleford

    I couldn’t agree more; These are the most petty, childish, self-serving people I have ever seen. The fact that they still hold their positions is beyond me. Their motives are so transparent it’s ridiculous, and I think it is immensely laughable that their little scheme has started to fall apart around them since the election of Mrs. Pearson. It seems that Mr. Brannum having an honest ally that is NOT a self serving crook trying to bleed the city of Poplar Bluff dry has become a major road block for these buffoons. Anyone with an ounce of brain power could look at this and see what is going on. It’s too bad that not one of them will ever see a day of jail time for the corruption they have perpetuated, and are still trying (unsuccessfully) to continue. I wish you the best in your effort to bring these issues to the attention of the citizens of this city. They damn sure aren’t going to get it from the,(insert condescending laugh here), DAR.