Angela Pearson CRUSHES Hendrix in Ward 1 Council Election

Apr 02, 2013

77% of the voters of Ward 1 voted for Angela Pearson, I don’t have access to past victory counts but no one I spoke to can remember a bigger victory in Poplar Bluff’s Ward 1 history. The people have spoken and sent a CLEAR message to City Council – we are tired of yes-men and yes-women. The City Manager is an employee…IF he’s to stay employed then he needs to start acting as such.

Angela Pearson from Ward 1 has decided to run for City Council

Angela Pearson from Ward 1 has decided to run for City Council

Angela ran an amazing campaign and she deserves great praise for the well deserved victory. In the past two years, our city has elected two independent, principled people to sit on City Council: Johnny Brannum and, now, Angela Pearson.

Next year, three seats will be up for election: Ward 5 and two at-large seats. Are you the type of person who wants to help usher in a new generation of City Council and who wants to eliminate the corrupt, good ole boy system? Then give me a call (573-778-6500) and let’s talk. I’m ready to start working on NEXT APRIL!

Congrats, Angela. Great job!

  1. oris swearingin

    It’s about time! Thinking the current status quo have got to go ! It’s too bad the election is not tomorrow and sad we have to wait while the bleeding continues and the city gets ravaged even more.

  2. Ruthie Carter

    Will she be on the council in time to prevent the next travesty of justice by the council, currently being debated? I’m referring to the crooked event delicately known as “eminent domain” wherein the city is trying to steal Mr. Whelan’s property on after purchasing the other nearby pieces at outrageous prices. There is no way Mr. Whelan’s property is in a blighted area, nor is the property itself run down enough to be considered blighted. This is outright THEFT by the city council. It may be legalized theft, but it is stealing nonetheless. I’m ASHAMED of the council.

    1. Brian Becker

      Angela starts immediately, but it will take a lot to turn this ship around. But everyone can now see proof that the ship is turning.

  3. PB Citizen

    WOW…. Nice job getting a YES Woman elected for you Mr. Becker….
    Funny how this article mentions the 2 new people on the council who you asked to run.

    1. Brian Becker

      If you think that Johnny Brannum or Angela Pearson will do something because I or someone else tells them to, you do not know either of them or their families.

      One of the key criteria we used in selecting a candidate to back is that they be principled individuals who are not swayed by individuals but look to the common good of our community. After all, if they can be swayed by me today…they potentially could be swayed by the corrupt tomorrow.

      As for Open Access, it’s a no-brainer, because I believe anyone in their right mind would be FOR Open Access of the community-owned network. That’s what is best for the citizens. If either of these individuals ever vote against Open Access I will know it is because they feel that is best for our community.

      Both have stated publicly that they support Open Access but that doesn’t make them a “YES” person…just wise.

      [Also, though we seldom let fake email addresses post I made an exception for you. Please use a real email address in the future.]