As The Dust Settles...A Update

May 18, 2011

I know many have wondered what is going on at and what changes we’ve made to stay in business. The reality is that our customers on city cable network made up 26% of our monthly revenue here at Making the numbers work with this kind of over-night loss has been accomplished through this great staff.

It’s been hard, but it is not impossible. Here’s an update:

  • Sadly we’ve had to let go four employees which has been the most painful part of this ordeal.
  • My family sold our home last week because I’ve taken a 60% pay cut
  • Five of our employees have taken 30% or more pay cuts
  • And all of the remaining staff have had their job descriptions altered over the past 10 days.
  • The reduction of staff has also caused us to limit our phone & office hours. We will now be open Monday-Friday 7am to 6pm. We apologize for the lack of evening and weekend support and we will do all we can to increase our support hours in the future.

Our staff is dedicated to moving forward and making this work and building our company out of this mess. The phrase “Retool, Reshape & Rebuild” is my motto these days.

We appreciate the support and the kind words that have been sent our way. One of the projects we are working on is a citizen-petition for a ballot initiative to obligate the city cable network to allow competition and allow choice back on the network. If you would like to volunteer to help us during this stage of the process, please contact me at

Though this company and our staff have been dealt a terrible blow by the city, we all are dedicated to provide our customers the absolute best service.

Brian Becker

  1. rosella helton

    it would be helpful to have an easy message system to our attorney generals office. a set up like this is what i have in mind . i would email everytime i got on the computer if it was set up like this. hang in there i really appriate your services. the city is shafting you.