BAGBY: PB Has 3rd Lowest Electric Rates. BECKER: April Fools!!!!!

Apr 01, 2012

Who said our City Manager didn’t have a sense of humor? After reading the DAR Sunday, I knew he did. Yes, the city does have the third lowest posted rates…but that doesn’t account for the utility tax NOR the power adjustment charge as compared to other areas.

Bagby: MU doesn’t have to make a profit like investor-owned utilities:
Becker: APRIL FOOLS!!!!!
MU IS out to make money off of their citizens. A good example is this last rate increase that was passed. They justified their increase because “our suppliers went up as much as 10%”! So their costs went up 1/3 of a penny per kilowatt hour, then how come they didn’t just raise our rates by 1/3 of a penny? Because they wanted to make more money off of us.

Bagby: I have been hesitant to write this letter because I consider both candidates friends.
Becker: APRIL FOOLS!!!!!
When I saw this, I laughed. Doug wants Tracy elected. Plain and simple. Edington is a yes man, and Doug needs a yes man. Doug’s been going around town campaigning for Edington. This hit-piece editorial against Brannum was written because Doug DOES NOT WANT BRANNUM ELECTED!!!!!

Bagby: The statements made by [Brannum] concerning the utilities…are inaccurate.
Becker: APRIL FOOLS!!!!
If you think your electric, sewer, water, cable TV and Internet bill is just right – vote for Edington. But if you think that it’s time to turn this corrupt local government around…start by electing Johnny Brannum to City Council.

Wait, I have more April Fools jokes for you:

Bagby Files Gag Order to Shut Up Citizen — APRIL F..(oh wait, he did)
Locals Get Man Drunk And Has Him Sign Ethics Violation Complaint — APRIL (oh, wait…)
City Steals Over 1500 Customers From Local Providers — APRIL  (hmmmmm)
3150 Voters Speak Up On Open Access Issue-City Ignores Them — APRIL (what?)
City Manager Actively Campaigns for City Councilman — APRIL (no way)

When are we going to wake up, Poplar Bluff?

Tell EVERYONE from Ward 4 (Barron Road, N 14th, Sunset, Montclair, Shady Lane, etc) to get out on Tuesday and vote for Johnny Brannum!

[the following sentence is added to keep Smith & Company Employees from filing another ethics complaint against me]
This editorial was paid for by Brian Becker.

P.S. I paid the same amount that Doug Bagby paid for his DAR Hit-Piece.


  1. thomas

    ken maybe you should read up on your local government before we make an outragous comment like that. voting on obama would make them democratic. OBAMA 2012

    1. Brian Becker

      I thought about saying something to Ken myself. It is clear that when it comes to politics locally, power & corruption is party-less. What we have in PB is not a Republican or Democrat issue…

  2. Kenneth Kirchgesler

    Nothing surprising about this entire chain of events. Socialists and their union stooges are all about maintaining control. I have noticed the Edington signs in the same yards that displayed Obama signs. Hey, why not rename the berg Obamaville and admit what our local government is all about.

  3. got out in time

    I recently moved outside of town a few months ago. My eletric bill from ozark border this month is 150 thats running heat/air and everything. My bill in town with nothing running and the main breaker shut off was 115. I will be glad when my house in town sells then i will be done with them for good.