Becker Thrown Out of City Council Meeting

Nov 22, 2011

Becker was asked about being removed from the City Council meeting on November 21st, “I apologized to the mayor for speaking out of turn, but my wife, Toni, told the Council that each of her petition signatures were stapled to the full page of text of the petition. Mr Duncan said he didn’t know that to be true. He kept parsing words, saying my wife lied, and then repeatedly and condescendingly would say ‘‘I’m not calling you a liar.’ In my frustration I defended my wife and the City Manager kicked me out.”

  1. Ruthie carter

    Hmmm…an audit of the city…now there is an idea! How does one make that happen?

  2. James

    The city is corrupt. they pick and choose what they will and wont do. They are crooks and I guarantee if and outside auditor would to come in and audit they will find a bunch or theft and corruption. The city uses tax payer money to let city workers take the city trucks how even way out of city limits. Gas isn’t cheap. No city vehicle should be allowed to be a personal vehicle. And allowed to leave the city. And isn’t it funny how half of the city employees don’t even live in the city.

    1. Brian Becker

      Jerry, that’s exactly what happened. I honestly think, in hindsite, they were baiting me. And though many people saw the headline and thought, “Becker’s a crazy man” … most have given me a pass. The support I’ve received: people who have come by my office to give me a hug, phone calls from complete strangers, facebook and blog comments, it’s been truly amazing. It’s quite possible they fell in their own trap on this one.

  3. Ruthie Carter

    Keep at it Brian. Remember the old adage – “Follow the money” – somewhere, somehow, there is a snake hidden in the woodpile. There would not be this much opposition to you from the city if there were not some sort of benefit to someone with clout and that person is afraid of being exposed. Remember the trouble with the hospital being moved? The benefit was to those persons who owned the property on PP highway. Enough agitation and opposition to the move exposed the fact that perhaps even the state council on needs may have been involved in this move. The Good Old Boys network is working overtime on the open access problem, but eventually, like Anthony Weiner, I believe the ‘end’ result may be ‘uncovered and exposed.’