Ben Becker: The Artist

Aug 17, 2012

Yes, I’ll disclaim that I’m biased right off the bat. But I’ve also been around music my entire life: signed to a national record company in the early 90s and toured as an artist for 12 years. My oldest son’s songwriting ability is remarkable for the age of 14. Coming off his July-released song on iTunes “Can’t Handle It”, this week Ben wrote a song for one of his best friends whose father was recently deployed to Afghanistan. The song is called “Baby Just Fall” and a video of the song is available for you to view.

The first verse of “Baby Just Fall”:

To see your broken smile
Tears my heart to pieces every time
Seven thousand miles
Separates your daddy from his child
so Baby Just Fall – I’ll be waiting here to catch you
Baby Just Fall – no matter how much your heart won’t let you
Baby Just Fall – I will be with you I’ll protect you
Baby Just Fall…Baby Just Fall.

Two other songs of Ben’s:

Can’t Handle It by Ben Becker
For those who would like to hear Ben’s recently recorded song “Can’t Handle It” you can download it from iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play, Rhapsody, Spotify and Jango. If you’d like to hear the song you can listen to it free on Jango (even better if you click the Thumbs Up button).


Carnival Girl by Ben Becker

At 9, Ben wrote is first song on his own called “Carnival Girl” about a girl he met at the Butler County Carnival. The chorus sings “My Carnival girl, my carnival girl, she’s got me goin’ crazy like a tilt-a-whirl. My carnival girl, my carnival girl. I hope she takes another ride with me.”

  1. glen roesch

    i dont normaly make posts or comments but i just had to for this one and i will keep it short.

    i was very impressed with this song the melody and the story were amazing. please continue on this path in life and i will look forward to seeing your name in lights.