Auditions For Kids Music Night at Java Stop Cafe

Apr 07, 2010


Ben and Jack Becker, in cooperation with and the Java Stop Cafe, are planning a Kids’ Music Night at the Java Stop Café. Youth sixteen and under are encouraged to apply for one of the six performance slots by submitting a video link which displays their performance talent.

• this is not a cappella or karaoke, all performances must be with live music
• all performers/musicians must be 16 or under to participate
• to be considered, you must provide an audition video submission
• submit video as comment below by including a link or embedded video from, facebook, or other video site
• submissions must be posted by April 30th
• Ben and Jack Becker will make the final talent selections
• The Java Stop Café Performance night has not been determined
• Length of each performance can vary per artist between one and three songs

Guidelines and Rules are subject to change.

ALL video submissions MUST BE MADE with parental consent and within all applicable laws.

  1. PinkleTank

    Here is our link to submit for the kids night promotion.

    Pinkle is 6, and Tank is Seven. They live in Poplar Bluff. Tank plays guitar, and Pinkle plays keyboards. They both sing. PinkleTank can play there own music, but the video submitted was shot with a Thetrical Rock Production Orchestra backing up PinklTank. The video submission was filmed in Torrington CT at the Warner Theatre on March 6, 2010.

    Call our Agent at (573) 785-2886 for more info.

  2. Denise Magruder

    I’m sooooooo proud of Jack and Ben. Your harmonizing was fantastic. Keep up the great work boys. I will be waiting to hear more. :-)

  3. Brian Becker

    Here is Ben & Jack’s latest performance. Come on guys, we need a few more entries.

  4. Terry

    You have a great voice in my opinion, with a good band behind you should go far.

  5. Brian Becker

    Yes, you can submit if you are 16. Now that we’ve changed the age requirement. :)