Brannum Wins City Council

Apr 03, 2012

According to early results, Brannum wins by 60 votes over Edington. What a wonderful announcement! The good ole boys have been defeated tonight and decency and honor have been restored to the council seat of ward 4.

I had a chance to speak with Johnny tonight and he said, “I walked the ward four times and spoke to the good people of our community. I owe this victory to the wonderful people of ward 4, plus my family and support team. I am excited to be sworn in and get to work.”

I cannot express to you how much fun that was to type.


  1. out-of-towner

    I’m so glad! This was one election I wished I still lived in PB so I could vote for Johnny.

  2. Ruthie Carter

    I cannot express how much fun that was to READ…have been on tenterhooks all day hoping for just this news. Now the next problem is how is he going to turn around this set of idiots currently on the council. Or maybe it won’t be so hard now that they see the people of PB are seriously upset with them and their hardline marxist ways.

  3. dirk

    Great News!!!!! I hope we see a lot of seats changing hands in the area. I especially would like to see Mrs. Emerson gone as our representative. We need to get some real conservatives back in office.

  4. David Carroll

    It’s a darn good start. Now we need to replace the rest of them.