Butler County Collector’s Race Down to the Wire

Nov 01, 2014

Butler County hasn’t seen a race like this since, well, ever. An election with two Republicans running, one on the ballot and one as a write-in, and a Democrat is very unique in this heavily Republican county.

One key controversy within the race focuses on the $25,000 compensation for collecting taxes for the city of Poplar Bluff; this is in addition to the $62k salary the county official receives.

Tammy Marler, the write-in candidate, was first to speak out against using the office for personal gain.

The interim collector and Democrat candidate, Chris Michel, told SEMO TIMES he would not accept any personal payments of tax income.

Emily Parks, Republican Candidate, choosing to evade giving a direct answer to the $25k question, has stated she will wait and decide whether to receive the kickback until after she is elected.

One thing’s for sure, election results won’t be available early since each of the write-in ballots will have to be individually inspected, validated and tabulated separately.

The talk around town is that this race is close as each of the candidates push into their final weekend before Election Day.

  1. Angie Adams

    If the job was collecting for Butler County and then it became collecting for Poplar Bluff also then there should be compensation for that extra responsibility or have Poplar Bluff City staff collect their own.

  2. Steve Hankins

    Hey I called Richardson’s office weeks ago. Still waiting for a reply. If that’s the kind of responsive government we’re talking about it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  3. Brian Becker

    All three candidates are very good people, I totally agree. I don’t believe that it’s as political as you purport it to be. The collector collects what the assessor assesses. That’s their job.

  4. Mark Cozart

    I do. All three appear to be honest people but I take issue with the collector’s office being just a job as Mrs. Marler has said.

  5. Mark Cozart

    At the same time, the Collector is more than just a job. I want someone who can represent the county both in the courthouse and outside of the county. Politics isn’t just about daily tasks, though such tasks are vital; an officer must be able to wine/dine and network in Jefferson City and across the state. We need candidates that are cut from the same proverbial cloth as Todd Richardson and Jeff Shawan, who can both work well and represent well their district/county well.

  6. Shjrley Clark

    the Republican vote will be split…..in all likelihood the Democrat will likely win…if people vote party lines. Give some serious thought to how you “spend” your ONE vote.

  7. Mark Massingham

    Just to clear up something, over the last four years the city has paid on the average of $14,500. Per year to the collector to collect the city’s taxes. Not $25,000 a year. A lot of money? Yes. But $10,000 is a lot less than $25,000

  8. Nita

    Does Tammy get to help count her own votes? She does work in the office where the votes get counted you know (-:

  9. Don Eubanks

    Only county-wide race. I agree, it is very close & we won’t know the results right away. I’m not backing anyone in the race, but Tammy has done a very effective job in informing voter how to write in her name and connecting the arrow to vote for her.

  10. Jerrica Fox

    Somehow I missed the article on Marler, but can say that my grandmother did not “understand” the situation. Actually she thought it was very disrespectful. Like I have said many times, Emily Clark Parks has ALWAYS been respectful. Remember that as you vote Nov 4th! Vote for honesty, Vote Parks for Collector.

  11. Lisa Lester Cozad

    Wayne Kearbey I don’t mean this nasty but u need to check ur self TammyQuintin Marler is a republican I think u need to go study up before u comment

  12. Wayne Kearbey

    There is only one Republican in this race and that’s Emily Clark Parks. The other candidate is an Independent. Vote Republican, Vote Emily.

  13. mike knodell

    funny how the subject of accepting taxpayer money that you really don’t deserve shows the true intentions of some