Can I Do Anything? Contact Attorney General's Office

May 16, 2011

Here’s the form:

Many have asked us if there is anything they can do about the current situation of having to use City Cable.

The only real place to file a complaint is on the AGO’s Consumer Complaint department. I pay for Cable Internet service on the north side of town and City Cable is the only broadband service available; so I filed a complaint on the form.

In the Company field I put “City of Poplar Bluff” since it was City Council who voted to do this. In the payment, I selected “Other” and put May 9th as the date since that is when the connection was moved from to MyCityCable.

You can write your own description, here’s what one person told me they posted:
The City used it’s monopoly power to drive out the competition on the citizen owned network. For 8 years the citizens have had a choice of Internet Service Provider, now there is no choice and everyone must select the City’s own Internet service. Please investigate.

Here’s the form.

  1. Alan Buttry

    Sent mine in the other day. I found this paragraph today. I think it is appropriate:

    Restraint of Trade
    The term restraint of trade can be defined as: “Contracts or combinations that tend, or are designed, to eliminate or stifle competition, create a Monopoly, artificially maintain prices, or otherwise hamper or obstruct the course of trade as it would be carried on if it were left to the control of natural economic forces.” And “As used in the Sherman Anti-Trust Act (15 U.S.C.A. § 1 et seq.), unreasonable restraints of trade are illegal per se and interfere with free competition in business and commercial transactions. Such restraint tends to restrict production, affect prices, or otherwise control the market to the detriment of purchasers or consumers of goods and services. A restraint of trade that is ordinarily reasonable can be rendered unreasonable if it is accompanied by a Specific Intent to achieve the equivalent of a forbidden restraint.”

  2. Cindy Fuller Perkins

    I was happy to find the info and link for the AG complaint form. I sent mine in. Now hopefully everyone who thinks this monopoly by our city is unfair will do the same.

  3. Ruth Temple


    I would be glad to help you any way I could but I don’t think that I can file, or sign a petition since I am not directly effected. I live in Puxico Mo. I do care any time I see an injustice. This concerns not only your personal business but also the citys’ disregard for the monopoly that they have greated which is against the law. I appreciate the fight you put up. I have fought City Hall before and it takes guts, steadfastness and a lot of time.
    Good luck .

    Ruth Temple.

  4. Bob Harwell

    Here is how I answered

    Monopoly. The utility company is guaranteed a profit by the public service comission and used there leverage to force other city cable internet service providers to cease service. If someone is slow pay the former providers could cut of their internet service but with the city if a person is slow pay the city will cut off all service which includes electric and water along with internet.

  5. Denise

    I would like to request anyone that feels this way to PLEASE let your voice be heard. Your Poplar Bluff City Officials decided to make this choice with no regards to how the citizens would feel. We all voted for our City to get this network so it would benefit everyone. They now have the only Cable TV and Cable Internet service in Poplar Bluff and (no competition). This needs to be investigated. Funny how the City can go into the county and offer services when the city won’t allow other company’s to come into (their city) and offer the same services. It is going to take the voice of the people to get the attention of our Attorney General.


    Sincerely, Denise