Can You Spare $20 to Overhaul City Hall?

Mar 06, 2014

Our three candidates for City Council (Jack Rushin, David Johnson and Peter Tinsley) need donations to aid them in this last month of the campaign. Please consider helping with a credit card or paypal donation (links are below). This email is going to almost 2000 people. If each were to give a couple of dollars we’d have all we need. Now’s the time to get involved and help us make a difference. Don’t live in Poplar Bluff? Then your donation is even more important since you cannot vote on election day, you can at least help get the message out.


Many people can attest that Poplar Bluff has always been controlled by the Good Old Boys. Some believe it became a part of our heritage back during the prohibition runs. Poplar Bluff, being located half way between Dallas and Chicago, became known as “little Chicago” and was a frequent stopover for the Mafia as they traveled between the two metro-areas. Some speculate that our area’s corn whiskey was quite an allure back in the day.

Over the last four years you have seen stand strong and battle the Good Old Boys. Our original battle with the City of Poplar Bluff was over the Open Access of the Citizen-owned network. In 2011, over 3400 verified Poplar Bluff voters (that’s almost 30% of all voters) signed a petition to put Open Access on the ballot. Prior to turning over the ballots to the City Clerk, we unstapled each set of petitions and photocopied them. Knowing that the city would have to do the same, we opted not to restaple. The City Clerk threw out over 1100 signatures because the petitions were not stapled. The law is clear that the staple must be there when the petition is signed, but does not require that they remain stapled thereafter. But the Good Old Boys don’t care about laws. The voice of the many was silenced by the will of the few.

For the first time in anyone’s recollection, Poplar Bluff is on the verge of an entire ousting of the Good Old Boys from power. In the upcoming April 8 city council election, three seats are up for grabs. If we can win two of those three seats, the balance of power will shift and our city can finally begin to shake away the stranglehold of corruption. But winning three seats would be utterly amazing! That is our goal.

The balance of power will shift with just two seats because Johnny Brannum and Angela Pearson are both committed to an open and transparent City Hall. It takes 4 city council members to oust the Good Old Boys and bring transparency to City Hall. We are so close!

Our three candidates are Jack Rushin and David Johnson for the at-large seats (everyone in the city can vote for the at-large) and Peter Tinsley for Ward 5 (the Armory is where Ward 5 votes). Do not get distracted by all the signs for other candidates. All of the other candidates are connected in some way to the Good Old Boys.

My excitement is high as we are so close to our goal of ending the corrupt control of the Good Old Boys. If you could donate $10, $20, $25 or even $100 you can help us make this happen. Help us overhaul City Hall!

Dr. Jack Rushin for At-Large City Council – Donate

David Johnson for At-Large City Council – Donate

Peter Tinsley for Ward 5 City Council – Donate


  1. Ras Ible

    Good for you buddy! Let’s start and Occupy City Hall movement in this Country.