Citizen of The Year Equates $30 per month with 1% Sales Tax

Jan 29, 2014

Earlier this week we reported that our City Council seems strangely opposed to putting city council meetings online. City Manager Bagby’s comparisons are, well, you just have to watch the video.

But here is a recap of reasons for not putting City Council meeting videos online are:
1. Citizens should just pay $15.89/month for City Cable Basic TV package rather than the city pay to upload it to
2. To upload to YouTube would essentially compete and take incentive of people to pay for City Cable
3. This might cause a City Cable rate increase. “A 1% sales tax isn’t a significant cost but when you keep adding and adding, at some point Mr. Bach will be asking for a rate increase”
4. We keep raising our costs more and more with things like this
5. Chamber tickets cost money (not sure why this was said, but it was)
6. [Councilwoman McVey] purports that she is only aware of people from the county and country watching the videos, not people inside the city.

Bagby has been telling everyone since receiving the “Citizen of the Year” award that his retirement benefits are so good that he only makes $50/week more to work than to retire. In other words, he’ll only take a $50/week pay cut when he retires.

Since his award, he has been throwing the “R” word around daily, most people are wondering whether that means before or after the April election. Either way, our City will be on it’s way to cleaning out the Good Old Boy corruption within it’s borders.

Here’s the meeting video…the Youtube Video discussion starts at around 4:30.

  1. Jr.

    You seem to be really hung up on this citizen of the year award. Does someone need to call the whambulance?

    1. Brian Becker

      As Jeff Foxworthy says:
      If you think it’s acceptable for the City Manager to sue a councilwoman and then be named Citizen of the Year…then you must be a Good Old Boy.