City Certifies 2900 Signatures; Says Petition Is Insufficient

Dec 08, 2011

The city dropped off a letter this evening stating the petition doesn’t have enough valid signatures and therefore it will not be given to City Council to pass or place on a ballot.


  1. Jim and Shirley Stoll

    Poplar Bluff politics has ALWAYS been dirty. We have lived her for 40 years and have seen nothing else. As for Pam Kearbey, she is hiding behind “they made me do it”. That won’t work;no one can order you to violate the law. She had the choice and options not to participate, but she cowed down to the bullies. Wally Duncan used to be an honorable young man… However, he, too, has jumped in the cart with the head bum in all of this….the city manager. Look at how he got his position; good candidates with experience were interviewed but the city chose to keep home boy and give him a boost. He has always shown his colors where there is conflict between what he “wants” and what the people want. Smoking is a good example. The BOB smells like a dead cat because they allow smoking… Wally Duncan told me he had to measure every inch of the building, including closets and bathrooms, to be able to allow smoking and not be in violation of the MO Statutes. His expressed concerrn was the loss of Bingo players if smoking was prohibited. You can look at the Knights of Columbus who invented Bingo…. They have stopped the smoking years ago and have seen an increase in players because non smokers no play. I do not want to derail this conversation to smoking. It will come in due time whether the city wants it or not. We all need to support Brian… In closing, I want to point out that our police officers are not mail men… Having the police deliver Wally’s letter was meant to intimidate. Shame on the chief for letting this happen.

  2. Bob

    Just goes to show you who is in bed with who. It’s happening all around us Poplar Bluff, open your eyes and stop voting those good ole boys into power. Think before you vote and stop being sheep! Poplar Bluff could be so much more than it is.

  3. rogue

    well, aint this somthing , some people seem to think that there may be some Corruption among our city leaders!
    after living in the area since since the early the 1950’s i can relate to that there has only been 1 city Council Member that i trust and he was removed due to conflict of interest. conflict of interest, you gotta be jerkin my chain, this guy is the most honest guy i know! bar-none!

    well, i think that there are some good people out there , but i dont know how to get them in the crowd.

    they call this little-chicago, i wonder why

    ? = rogue

  4. jerry mcdowell

    I AM NOT SURPRISED BUT ( the petition doesn’t have enough valid signatures ) HOW DOES IT NOT HAVE ENOUGH VALID? i despise the aclu but turn it over to them it does smell like Corruption. fight fire with fire

  5. Larry

    I agree with everything but the ‘NEW’ part. Tyranny has been the choice of the oppressor for thousands of years. The time has come to squash the tyranny that is happening in PB!!

  6. Gary

    Welcome to the new Political World. We live in times of the 1%, who don’t give a damn about the 99%. Washington, State , Local; all the same!!! Just remember, don’t throw away your vote a the ballot box. They all speak a good line, but it is all just BS to keep the status quo.

  7. larry


    I would now say the time has come to utilize our rights under the constitution for an organized peaceful public protest. The city Zionist’s are hiding something and its time we find out what it is. At least they will be forced to listen then. The good thing is that you don’t have to reside in city limits to protest the TYRANNY that is occurring in your City & County government. This is how democracy trumps tyranny. I for one am extremely tired of it and I know Brian is too. If you all are behind him like you say you are, then prove it. Time to be an American and defend Brian’s and our constitutional rights to be heard. But remember, being focused and organized is the key!! We could easily get 5,000 people, or more, in Butler County. It’s a matter of principle now. Are we going to just let them do this to Brian after all the sacrifices he has made for this campaign to restore your freedom of free market. Time to squash the oppressors and show your
    Thanks to Brian and his family. But remember BE ORGANIZED AND FOCUSED. Let me be the 1st to say ” Brian THANKS!! It would be my pleasure.”

  8. Ruthie Carter

    And this in spite of the ACLU’s letter saying that little Wally Baby had mis-read and mis-applied the statutes and that Brian only needs 609 signatures!!! Time for Fox News to blow the lid off the corruption in our very own “Little Chicago” and for any honest Council Member to resign. Note to any hypothetically Honest Council Member: it’s time to resign or stand up. You know that if you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas…

    I do believe that there are at least two Honest Council Members. But then I also believe in the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, both of which are trampled on every day in “Big Chicago” and that other Swampy Morass called Washington, D.C.

    Keep going Brian, the people are behind you in this.

  9. Ann


    This is the most blatant case of local government corruption that I have ever seen in my entire life. I hope that the people of the city of Poplar Bluff will rise up and send every single one of those corrupt city politicians out the door at the next election. I only wish that I were in the voting district of Poplar Bluff and could help issue every one of you out the door. Every single one of you who is responsible for preventing this issue from being decided by the people of the city should hang your heads in shame. You might as well be wearing signs on your backs saying “I’M A CORRUPT POLITICIAN”, but you don’t need to; that you are, is already very clear.

    Brian Becker: Never give up. The people of Poplar Bluff are depending upon you.