City Council Votes To End Open Access Kicking, TCMax & BRT off the Cable Internet

Jul 19, 2010

The ordinance written shortly before 7pm was read and approved and became law tonight.

For the next 3 months, ISPs will pay the current rates (which were raised by City Council in January 2010)
For the following 12 months, ISPs rates will increase by 43% (’s rates were estimated to increase by over $8,500/month)
After 15 months, MyCityCable will be the only ISP on the Cable Network

Here are the financial numbers provided by Mr. Bach to the City Council and the Municipal Utilities Advisory Board showing how Mr. Bach calculated the new rates to be charged to the Open Access ISPs.

  1. Bob

    At Least SEMO updates their homepage regularly.
    Do you want to monopolize ISP options?
    TV service is problem enough and it is all transmitted via the same cable.
    ALL hi-speed internet uses the same cable in town, so kill the competition. Sure , that’ll just make things better—NOT !!!

    Their price list for TV/Internet was last updated:
    City Cable Package Pricing updated 01/04/2008

    Do you want them to be the Monopoly in Poplar Bluff and keep you as currently informed as that.

    The bandwidth restriction in Poplar Bluff is most certainly outdated.
    Apparently THE CITY still thinks it is the 20th century.

  2. James

    The city has to be stopped, they are out of control. They are pretty stupid to. They just put up to loud we impound signs that have misspelled words. I use to live in the city but got so tired of them I sold my house and moved to the country. Now they want to run a monopoly. wow

  3. Frank

    So go and get a Verizon air card. Best internet connection I have had in SEMO.

  4. steve hankins

    to be denied access to public meetings is, in my thinking, a direct violation of missouri’s sunshine law. the public’s business should be conducted in public. period. file a lawsuit under the provisions of that law, and let the courts decide who is right, and who is more right.

  5. Mark R. Henry

    I cannot figure out how these figures can be correct. City Cable has not shown me that they are competent to keep a regular cable system running without major problems. In the past 3 months, I have observed several channels on the cable system that were out for about 8 hours. This is happening all the time and it appears to me that the cable operator just does not care about it’s quality of service. As a retired engineer working with a major cable system near Schaumburg, IL, I know that that cable system had less than 1 hour of signal source loss in the entire time I worked with them. With the kind of backwoods engineering I am witnessing on the cable system, I have serious doubts that anyone over there could actually come up with valid figures of any kind.

  6. James

    Read it and weep Semo! You took money from me that wasnt yours! I hope this bites you where it hurts!

  7. Sherri Littrell

    What does this mean for us that are on Dial Up? Will are rate’s go up has well?
    Thank You