City's Insurance Fund Gets Embarrassingly Redder

Dec 19, 2013

According to the Daily American Republic on Wednesday, December 18, 2013:

Changing the third party administrator…resulted in $300,000 in savings during 2013…. [reported by an MHJ Insurance Representative]

Bagby said he budgeted around an additional $200,000 for health insurance in 2014…

But how do those two statements jibe with the financials? According to documents released (Monthly Health Insurance Report Nov 2013) through the freedom of information act and sunshine laws of Missouri, the Insurance fund is set to lose over one million dollars in 2013 and there are murmers that insiders expect to lose an additional $2M next year.

Note the increasingly greater loss as the Insurance Fund goes further into the Red practically every month.

Note the increasingly greater loss as the Insurance Fund goes further into the red practically every month. At the end of November 2013, the fund was $1.8M in the red.

So how does a million dollar loss equate to “saving $300k”? Or possibly losing $2M more next year get blurred by “budgeting $200k more”?

Who knows, but it certainly appears as though BagbyCare is choking the City in debt.

Here is the Monthly Health Insurance Report Nov 2013 released by City Hall yesterday.

  1. Brandon Allbritton

    I am honestly disgusted with the way is posting this slanderous garbage on their front page of their website. Regardless of the validity of any of these statements, you are only trashing yourselves by doing this. It is unbecoming of a local news source as well as ungodly. I hope you will reconsider who you let write articles for you as well as keep a stricter filter on the substance of what you write. You ought to be ashamed. And for the record I have no ties to any of these people who you are speaking of. I am simply a long time user of your site who will no longer be using it because of what you have allowed your site to become, which is a gossip banner for SEMO. Even if your accusations are true, there are much less childish ways of handling it that hiding behind a website like a coward.

  2. Brad

    ONLY IN POPLAR BLUFF… I was stunned to learn from customers at a local restaurant that Bagby was citizen of the year. They were laughing. I felt like crying. It is the same old story; when the heat gets turned up on any of the long time fixtures in our city and county govt, they get together and try to figure out how to put more lipstick on their “pig.” Won’t work It makes about as much sense as OBAMA getting the Nobel Peace Prize. I commend the two fellows shown with him in the photograph… must have been hard to keep a straight face.

    A second issue that stunned me and mine was that the judge hearing the case of sexual assault and battery of a dog by its owner saw fit to put this disgusting piece of protoplasml on 2 years unsupervised probation. This in light of the fact that he has already made a move on a caregiver…He will hurt someone and he will also get another dog to torture. Shame on you, judge. His picture should have been an 11 x 15 on the front page…not a miniature snap in the center of the paper.

    Finally, there is the editor of the local paper who seems to personalize issues to the point that he becomes involved. He should be disinterested or unbiased at least. Appearing with the deputies to beat the drum for pay increases which I believe they should have but not because he backs them… and then, piling on Angela Pearson who is trying to do the right thing. I think it is clear she struck a few nerves with all of the response she has gotten. In the end, she will prevail….. no matter that Doug has one of our pro pot attorneys batting the ball for him..Speaking of legalizing pot, I think our community is far from ready to do that….

  3. jerry

    careful he will file a law suit against you next… you need to learn the new math..