Congrats To Kellie Darnell -- She Wins $25 Gift Certificate

Dec 22, 2014

When we started this giveaway, had 14 likes. Now we have 237…that’s awesome! We’d like to get to 1000 before the end of January, let’s see how possible that is.

For those who want to do something similar in the future, I thought I’d explain the easiest way to select a random person from a list…in this case a “Likes” list off of Facebook.

A view of the page just before getting my random numbers.

A view of the page just before getting my random numbers.

First, I went to a one of the many random number generator sites…I like I entered 1 as the lower limit and 237 (the total number of likes we have) as the upper limit. Then I personally selected a random number…I try to keep this number below 20. I picked twelve and entered 12 as the # of columns to display. The program picks a series of random numbers and puts them into a table, by making your random number the number of rows you can just look at the end of the first row for your random number (if I had wanted to select the 20th random number, I could have seleted 10 columns and taken the number at the end of the second row).

Here is the first row of numbers:

115  143   98  218   38  145  219   28  204   82  131   18

So, 18 was my random number.

That sent me back to Facebook where I asked Facebook to show me a list of all people who have liked the page. The 18th person down the list was Kellie Darnell.

Okay, Kellie, where do you want your $25 Gift Card to be from? Simply Yogurt? Walmart? Applebees? Dexter BBQ?

Keep your eyes open, we’ll be doing another one of these just after Christmas!!!!