Councilwoman Pushes Back, Files Counter Suit Against Moffitt's MHJ Insurance

Jan 24, 2014

Late last year, and months after Doug Bagby filed his ridiculous lawsuit against Angela Pearson, Morse, Harwell & Jiles (MHJ) Insurance jumped into the ring and filed another slander suit against Pearson.

MHJ Insurance is owned in part by Charles Moffitt. Mr Moffitt sits on the executive board of the same bank as Doug Bagby. In an interview in the St Louis Post Dispatch, Moffitt actually besmirched our fine city by stating he lived in one of the few desireable places to live in town.

On Thursday, Councilwoman Angela Pearson’s attorney filed a response and counter-claim to the MHJ Insurance’s lawsuit. In her response, Pearson claims she is not guilty of the accusations because her statements were true, subject to absolute privilege, made as a member of the Poplar Bluff City Council, and protected by the first amendment.

In her counter suit, Pearson claims she was threatened and warned not to share her concerns over the closely tied political-business relationships she had uncovered, claims that one of the shareholders of MHJ offered to drop the lawsuit if she issued a discrediting apology, and that MHJ’s lawsuit is an improper and perverted attempt to bully her into resignation.

If you ask me, it’s time to boycott MHJ Insurance in Poplar Bluff. I’ve had my car insurance there for 20 years because of a grade school buddy, but this is the last month they will have my business. Anyone else want to hit MHJ where it hurts?


Now, who’s with me!

  1. Eldon

    There is more than one insurance agency around and at least one operates on the Golden Rule………you know, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. In fact it is on our business card and the GOB club can’t touch us. We don’t live or work inside PB, but we certainly write business there!

  2. scripto

    dont bother with jay jay he is so stupid that he was named twice so that he had a better chance at catching his named being called. some also say that he has to be on a respirator because thinking breath in breath out breath in breath out also confusses him

  3. jerry

    from my understanding all Angela did was take a packet of research materiel and send it off to authorities.

  4. Jay Jay

    If I understand you right I can go into your business with my laptop, log into your service and play the games for free, and if I win you will pay me cash or prizes?

    1. Brian Becker

      Then you didn’t understand, Jay Jay. 1st, you can’t do it at my business, you have to go next door to the Internet cafe for that. 2nd, like McDonalds you have to go in, get a postcard and mail it in to receive your free entry. 3rd, my family doesn’t have anything to do with the Internet cafe.

  5. Jay Jay

    Please read the reply by Mr. Becker you sound like the cool aid drinkers from Jim Jones.

    Angela has no facts. Her report has been investigated and reviewed by city, state, and federal law enforcement and regulatory agencies, and what did they find? ZERO, NOTHING, NO VIOLATIONS OF LAW OR REGULATORY ISSUES.

    So at some point you have to put the cool aid glass down and asked yourself WHY? Could it be she is WRONG? Could it be that Brian Becker is WRONG? Could it be that Brian Becker is just angry because he is a poor businessman and the business model he used was flawed?

    But I guess you can just keep your head in the sand, ignore the facts as they have been decided by professional investigators and judges and believe Angela and Brian are right and everyone else is wrong!

    1. Brian Becker

      Jay Jay, keep talking and not just a few of us will figure out who you are. Unlike you, I don’t hide my identity. ;)

  6. Brad

    Jay Jay is a great representative for the bullies… Angela does not say anythng she wants; she speaks the truth backed by documentation. Jay Jay must not have many who agree with him since he is out there singing alone…. The KMA thing is sooooo juvenile
    and trashy. My family and I appreciate the effort made by Brian and those who support him. It is a movement that I hope will ultimately pull the covers off of all of the back door deals being made by our city fathers….. GO BRIAN… GO ANGELA… GO SEMO
    I think KMT will feel the heat. We overheard a group seated by us at a restaurant talking about how little they thought of the people running the place. It is easy to be a bully but tough to stand for and do the right thing.

    1. Brian Becker

      Hey Brad, for the record, I used KMA first. I didn’t mind Jay Jay using it and, that’s why I made a joke out of it. Sure, some see it as juvenile, and that’s okay. One man’s juvenile is another man’s funny.

  7. MO News Watch

    Moffitt is a snake. Glad to see someone else has figured this out..

  8. Jay Jay

    Brian let me ask you about the illegal gaming going on in your building. I have sent a complaint to the Missouri Highway Patrol, the Butler County Sheriff and the Poplar Bluff Police. You are always pointing out problems with other people so what about it. Is it legal?

    1. Brian Becker

      According to his local lawyer, it is. And they are in the process of opening another Missouri cafe in Springfield. I certainly understand your concern, but as it was explained to me, their games are sweepstakes and patterned exactly like the Monopoly-style game of McDonalds. You don’t have to purchase anything to enter.

  9. Jay Jay

    So what you are saying is Angela gets to say anything she wants to and It’s Ok, but if someone says something negative about Angela it’s not Ok. Seems like a double standard to me.
    Time to Boycott can KMA can KMA can KMA can KMA
    Join me now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Brian Becker

      Not a very catchy rhyme. Unless you are going for the soft “t” sound. Semo ney can KMA. I just don’t think people will understand what you saying. But keep working at it, you’ll get something.

  10. Jay Jay

    So let me get this straight, Angela can say anything she wants to and it’s OK. But if anyone says anything against her it’s not. Sounds like it’s time to Boycott
    Whose with me
    SEMO.NET can KMA
    SEMO.NET can KMA
    SEMO.NET can KMA
    SEMO.NET can KMA

  11. Mary Jane

    First,I sever business with Gamblin Lumber Co. because of the owner’s statement “You don’t want dunderheads on welfare on the bank board”. Now I will be ending my business with MHJ Ins. Wasn’t Moffit the guy who had to ask “How many areas are desirable to live in?” (refering to Poplar Bluff) Why would the citizens of P.B. want these 2 guys to speak for them in a newspaper article about their city?

  12. Denise Magruder

    Already working on moving my home owners insurance since finding this out. Very sad