Dexter Music Center's 10th Anniversary Event

Nov 12, 2014
Steve Agee of Dexter Music Center

Steve Agee of Dexter Music Center

DEXTER – Musicians by nature are a different lot.

As destructive as they are creative, musicians are artists that seek to touch the intangible; to invent beauty from thin air.

Since Pythagoras discovered octaves, they have been aided by instruments. And those who gather instruments to supply musicians are necessary allies.

Combining business skills with musical ambition is a talent of which few people are blessed. Instrument retailers in the brick and mortar world are becoming scarce thanks to Internet sales and a less than robust economy.

So when one such retailer reaches a decade in business, it’s reason to celebrate.

And that’s exactly what Dexter Music Center’s Steve Agee and his five-star crew intend to do Nov. 22.

That date marks Agee’s 10th anniversary in business at 416 Harris Drive in Dexter. He’s throwing a bit of a shindig to commemorate. And he invites the Delta Region’s musical community to the party.

Agee is fortunate enough to make wise choices in the business, and intelligent enough to stock his store with quality, name-brand goods. Gibson, Fender, Martin and Epiphone guitars line the walls of Dexter Music Center in the acoustic guitar room. Gibson, Fender, and Paul Reed Smith electric guitars can be found on the electric side. Fender basses, the standard of the realm, are well represented along with Gibson, Epiphone and Toby.

Likewise, Fender amplifiers found their way to Dexter Music, along with Ampeg and a couple of boutique brands. Ludwig drum sets, Zyldgian cymbals and more are there for percussionists. Loads of professional audio and sound reinforcement systems are stacked floor to ceiling. And yes. Agee includes keyboards and lighting systems, too.

Those who never have visited the store will be pleased with its big-box appearance and the personnel’s willingness to encourage players of all levels. And musicians from beginner to professional will find something to add to their musical arsenal at Dexter Music Center.

Don’t miss out. Musicians and friends, mark your calendars for 10 a.m. Nov. 22 and plan to check out Dexter Music Center’s 10th Anniversary Celebration.