From We Did IT!!!!

Nov 28, 2011

At 3:59pm today, the Open Access Petition group submitted 1,195 new signatures collected over the past 10 days. That is TWO MORE than the 1193 voters the city disenfranchised by invalidating their signatures on Nov 17th.

The total number of signatures gathered from both drives is 4,633. Because people were required to sign again, there are now duplicate signatures in the petition.

Counting signatures is a messy sport, but we have internally verified that we have 3,230 signatures where the signer’s address matches their voter registration address. More than enough to place this on the ballot.

I am grateful to the wonderful people of Poplar Bluff. Who surged to new heights and helped us gather more than one signature every minute of daylight over the past 10 days. I seen the goodness of the people of this great city, and I hope that our City Government will listen to their collective voices.

It’s now time for the City to do the right thing: respect the voice and will of the people; put this on the ballot; and let PB decide!

  1. jerry mcdowell

    you can bet they are working on it. i have no dog in this fight but i do hope semo smokes the city big time

  2. Kenneth Kirchgesler

    I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop and the city to find yet another way to keep their government control.

  3. jerry mcdowell

    way to go don’t drop your guard yet. the city will be looking for another avenue of escape. i am not going to wish you good luck. don,t believe in it. i think the citizens are standing up

  4. Ruthie Carter

    Brian, when this mess is all over, please run for Council and clean up this city!!!