From the Publisher's Desk

Oct 10, 2014

Check out SEMO TIMES new car! Well, not until late 2015, that is.

I’ve been watching Elio Motors ( for six months now and decided that this would be a great car for parades, delivery runs and even if a reporter has to go somewhere for a story.

ElioMotors2The three-wheeled car gets 84 miles to the gallon and is expected to have a 5-star crash test rating. The vehicle is currently classified as a “motorcycle” in Missouri and, therefore, will require a helmet but no seatbelt. But, Elio Motors is working with legislatures across the states to change the classification of the auto-cycle to a car.

The Elio holds two people and even has a trunk. With the back seat folded down, there’s more than enough room for a set of golf clubs.

Imagine your kid driving home from MIZZOU with a truck full of laundry for the weekend on only $10 of gas. I can hear it now, “But mom, it was cheaper to drive home than go to the laundry mat!”

The car will be manufactured in the abandoned Hummer plant in Louisiana. The car lists, currently, for $6,800 and the company is taking pre-orders. And we are on the list!

We’ll bring you more in the coming months about this unique little vehicle that has the nerve to take on the big establishment. Yea, there’s a subtle message there. <grin>

If someone you know in Southeast Missouri has ordered one, let us know at