Is Heritage Title Company Operating Illegally?

Jan 17, 2014

A letter was sent today to the Secretary of States office regarding the Heritage Title Company and their illegal standing:

Therefore, the above business stands EXPIRED as of December 11, 2012

From the Secretary of State’s office in 2012 to Heritage Title Company: “Therefore, the above business stands EXPIRED as of December 11, 2012.”


    P.O. BOX 778


    To whom it may concern,

    The HERITAGE TITLE COMPANY, which operates out of 2008 Northwood Dr in Poplar Bluff Missouri, is operating without a corporate or limited liability license in the state of Missouri, nor without the proper registration as a fictitious name.

    According to your online records, the HERITAGE TITLE COMPANY was notified on December 11, 2012 that their fictitious name had expired and they could no longer operate under that name in the state of Missouri. However, for the past 14 months, the HERITAGE TITLE COMPANY has continued to do business with the CITY OF POPLAR BLUFF on a routine basis. It is my understanding that multiple millions of dollars flow through Heritage’s coffers for a number of projects which include the Poplar Bluff Regional Transportation Development District, the City of Poplar Bluff and quite possibly Butler County and the Missouri Highway commission.

    The Sec of State’s website (, states:

    What are the penalties for not registering?

    Failure to register your fictitious name is a misdemeanor under Missouri law and persons failing to register are subject to charges by their local prosecuting attorney.

    Since the City Prosecuting Attorney (Wade Pierce) and the City Attorney (Wallace Duncan) are reportedly owners of the HERITAGE TITLE COMPANY, there is little chance that justice will be served and, most likely, their illegal activity will be swept under the rug.

    At the very least I hope that the SOS’s office will require the HERITAGE TITLE COMPANY to perform their proper civic duty and register their fictitious name with your office. As a way for me to follow up on this, please forward electronic copies to me ( of any correspondence you have with the HERITAGE TITLE COMPANY regarding this issue and the use of that name.

Heritage Title Company Fictitious Name Expired
Letter to SOS RE HeritageTitle


Nice to know Wade and Wallace read my blog. As expected, after we reported our story they registered the name. But the record still shows that from 12/11/2012 until 1/17/2014 they operated illegally, which is a misdemeanor in the state of Missouri:
Fixed by Wallace

  1. Brian Becker

    After posting the story on Friday, some (including Wade Pierce himself) have suggested this is all petty. I ran the story because these two lawyers are part of the city, whose pettiness continues and is without match… The difference is that most of the City’s pettiness comes without merit because no laws are broken, in this instance the Heritage Title Company has broken the law and is guilty of multiple misdemeanors.

    These guys helped get search warrants and legal proceedings attempting to prosecute me because I put a flyer on a car windshield. (The city had to pay $5001 for their mistake because their citation was in opposition to our First Amendment right.)

    Five 17×11″ signs printed on an office computer/printer and put out on election day in 2012 did not have “paid for by”. The city sent their ethics allegations to the Missouri Ethics Commission attempting to have me fined $3000. (The Ethics Commission reviewed the information and cleared me of any wrongdoings.)

    Wally illegally used “missing staples” as his reason to invalidate 1200 Poplar Bluff voter signatures on a petition.

    Wally asked for Judge Ligons to put a “gag order” on me because Wally didn’t like non-DAR information being disseminated to the public.

    Wally was “a witness” in the City Clerk’s claim of sexual harassment by a sitting councilman in an effort to get him to step down.

    Bagby filed a slander lawsuit against a councilwoman because she reported him to the authorities.

    In 2012, my friend and lawyer didn’t mail his paperwork showing his record of continuing ed & his fee. His license was, rightly, suspended. However, the city and their lawyers put forth efforts to exacerbate the issue with the officials and even contemplated prosecuting him.

    It’s hard to feel like I am being petty when I am continuously surrounded by it.

  2. Brenda Fisher

    I apologize for not being in the know of Butler County; or even that Wade Pierce was City Prosecuting attorney. All I have to say is, (Im soooo sorry Butler County) Wade Pierce as City Prosecuting attorney is just that, a joke in itself!!! Ive known (of) Wade Pierce since 1998, and a few of his dealings as an attorney. I would elaborate, but his dealing are a joke!!