In Case You Missed It: The Bible Belt Lengthens (sadly)

Jul 02, 2009

Yesterday, the Trust for America’s Health organization published it’s State Obesity Rankings and its hard to miss that the Bible Belt is overweight. The swath across the mid-section of the United States that are among the fattest adults is unmistakable with Missouri weighing in at 13th largest. The leanest adults can be found in the Rockies (50. Colorado, 44. Utah, 43. Montana), the Northeast (49. Connecticut, 48. Rhode Island, 46. Vermont, 42. New Jersey) and the West side (47. Hawaii, 41. California).

Story: Mississippi Still Fattest State…

Top 15 Obese States
1. Mississippi
2. Alabama
3. West Virginia
4. Tennessee
5. South Carolina
6. Oklahoma
7. Kentucky
8. Louisiana
9. Michigan
10. Arkansas & Ohio
12. North Carolina
13. Missouri
14. Texas & Georgia

  1. David

    In case you missed it, Brian Becker is associating obesity with religion. Obesity is bad and by association religion is bad.

    Well the association just don’t wash!

    How can this be? Gluttony is included in the Seven Deadly Sins “Lust”, “Gluttony”, “Greed”, “Sloth”, “Wrath”, “Envy”, and “Pride”. All favorite topics of sermons in churches throughout the so called bible belt and other regions. And the incidence of obesity among the parishioners is not evident in the pews.

    But now Brian Becker has posted it, “The Bible Belt Lengthens” ,and now it is in the lexicon of the internet and ammunition for the atheists to feast on.

    The association of states and Obesity can be just as easily and more accurately made to:

    Oversupply of food stamps
    altitude above sea level
    Number of single parent households and race demographic
    Education level
    Proximity to an ocean
    Or per capita income.

    state ranking
    Obesity per capita Income
    1. Mississippi – 49
    2. Alabama – 40
    3. West Virginia – 48
    4. Tennessee – 36
    5. South Carolina – 44
    6. Oklahoma – 38
    7. Kentucky – 43
    8. Louisiana – 50
    9. Michigan – 24
    10. Arkansas – 47
    12. North Carolina – 35
    13. Missouri – 31
    14. Texas & Georgia – 32

    If I had to guess, and I hate to, but I don;t have the time to do the research, it is “Sloth” among residents of those states is the root cause of Obesity.

    Just like in old USSR and Europe having the worlds highest incidence of alcoholism we in the US eat because of “Sloth” – a spiritual or actual apathy from no need for one to work to support society and further God’s plan and work by doing. “Sloth” is brought upon by the nanny ‘socialist’ state and Obesity is the result.

  2. Clarence

    It is not the governments place to tell the “we the people” what to eat. If the want to make suggestions of what they THINK is healthy eating they can, but people in the United State should be left to choose. I know the seat belt laws save lives, but this too should be left to the adults to choose. When someone is hurt, sick or dead, the goverment talks about how it costs them so much money. I have never let the government buy my food. And I don’t want them telling me what to eat. You see what they have done with smokers. It will soon be all fast food. They just want the new revenue, they don’t really care. They are just justifing their jobs. As far as healthy foods are concerned, no body knows how a food will affect us. My parents died at 90 years old. They ate fat food and mostly anything they could get. My dad was eighty the first time he went to the doctor and it was a small thing that someone suggested might be bad, and it scared him. It was nothing. There are numberous people that live about 80 that have eaten the so called unhealthy diet all their lives. Their is a track record for these foods. How long is the track record for tofu? Open your eyes people they are feeding you the “junk” food.

  3. Jess

    How do they know what we weight? No one weighed me for this study.

  4. Nancy

    I remember moving here 11 years ago from California and was horrified at all the fried food and buffets. We were used to eating salads and more healthful food everyday. We never once went to a buffet so that was a new thing for us. That is a sure way to put on the extra pounds, cholesterol, high blood pressure and bad knees. At least there’s non-smoking restaurants around now. That was also unheard of here in 1998.

    Well anyway, it keeps the doctors offices busy.