Injustice For One Creates Disenfranchisement For Many

Apr 08, 2009

I was watching the television on November 3rd as Ted Stevens flew home to cast his vote and thought, “You arrogant, man. Withdraw from the race! Have some dignity!” Now a Federal Judge has set aside his conviction and started a new investigation of the prosecutors. [read more]

This man, a 40-year Alaskan veteran of the senate, apparently lost his U.S. Senate seat because of the allegations and now we find out the evidence was withheld and even fabricated. It is difficult to imagine that the 4000 vote margin of loss was not the result of the conviction coupled with media outcry. An outcry which included the Republican Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates (who was also Steven’s Governor) making public statements that Steven’s should step down.

Stevens statement included the quote, “Until recently, my faith in the criminal justice system was unwavering. But what some members of this prosecution team did nearly destroyed my faith. Their conduct has consequences they must know can never be reversed.”

Over the next six months we will probably find out why some chose to risk jail in and effort to discredit a U.S. Senator. It is easy to speculate, but for what ever the reason, the results do not change.

Disenfranchisement might seem like too strong of a word, but I could never vote for a convicted felon. If I had to vote in Alaska, I couldn’t have pulled the lever for that man. For many, their true right-to-vote for the senator of their choice was taken away through coercive and dishonest means.

In a pre-November world, the loss of one senate seat from Republican to Democrat control would not be that much of a difference for anyone but the two candidates and their staff. But with an overwhelming shift a single seat makes a huge difference for all of America…no matter which party you tend to align with.

Justice was served, finally, to Stevens and I hope that it too will be served to the prosecutors who allegedly broke the law to thwart Justice. But what about the voters who stepped behind the curtain and could not vote for a convicted man. Where is their justice?

  1. Ron Meaden

    Senator Stevens had over 40 years seniority,chairman of the Ways and Means committee,and very powerful with local politics in Alaska.He must have made a lot of enemies, powerful enough, to tarnish his reputation and cause him to lose an election he would surly have won. I want to see who will be punished for this enjustice,if anyone.

  2. Kem

    Hmm….are we not presumed innocent till proven guilty? I also wonder if this had been a Democrat would you have reacted with the same the indignation, probly not huh.