Judge Awards Summary Judgment - Telling Bagby He Had No Contract

Oct 16, 2014

POPLAR BLUFF – A local court dismissed Doug Bagby’s breach of contract case against the City of Poplar Bluff. Judge Kelly Parker ruled that there was no legal basis for former City Manager Bagby’s claim that he had a three-year contract for life.

In ruling for the City, and as SEMO TIMES reported earlier this year, the court determined that the claim was too weak to require a trial before a jury. The judge determined in Bagby’s case that contracts greater than one year were against the law and, therefore, Bagby served at the pleasure of the City Council. This ruling follows longstanding state laws and local city ordinance.

The City terminated Bagby’s employment earlier this year.  After an extensive nationwide search, the City hired Heath Kaplan to replace Bagby. Kaplan was given a one-year contract in accordance with a new city ordinance and state laws.

Summary Judgment For City Against Bagby

Summary Judgment For City Against Bagbyhat

  1. Jerry Mcdowell

    i still say he will appeal this ruling ..his law suit against the mayor should be dismissed as well . bagby is like a child who had there candy took away

  2. lonnie_frye

    I am confused. When he was fired it was contract with the old city council that new council should honor. Now that a judge has ruled it illegal it’s pact with a convicted felon.

  3. Jerry Mcdowell

    this will keep going to a higher court . if not i will be surprised