Judge Sides With City - Awards $206k

Jun 13, 2013

Sadly, the judge closed the case today and awarded the city $206k. But as a friend routinely says, did you expect anything else? On the plus side, the case is now fully resolved, which allows us to finally move toward an appeal of earlier decisions in the case.

  1. Brian Becker

    Yea, Jerry. I’m the problem with PB, it’s my fault that Nordyne is leaving. Bet you didn’t know I am also responsible for obamacare, just sounded so trite to call it beckercare so i decided to use the president’s name instead.

  2. Jim J.

    Thanks a lot Becker, your moronic vendetta against the purchase power adjustment resulted in my Utility Bills going up!

  3. jerry

    politics strings was pulled. sadly to say our legal system is not always fair.. you been exposing the city and i fear behind the scenes somebody was helping you out, (a two story window)