Jury Trial Delayed

Mar 28, 2012

As expected and forewarned, the City came up with a new tactic today to delay the jury trial set for April 4th. We agreed to appear before the judge on April 4th and set a new date for jury trial.

To top it all off, after months of attempting to schedule depositions…we had a deposition of a city employee scheduled for today. But this morning we were told that the city employee called in sick and the deposition was canceled.

  1. Jim

    Thomas, just curious how much money does Brian have? Brian is not going to rip anyone off over $52.00 and you shouldn’t trash someone because they make a statement you don’t agree with! You don’t know if that punk (as you so described him) has ever ripped anyone off. I agree with Brian, the jurors will do the right thing and lets give them a chance to decide! Even though we don’t all agree, let’s be civil to each other. Brian isn’t afraid of negative posting’s on this blog, that is just part of having and open discussion. And I was just kidding about the money, I thought that was a very curious statement by you.

  2. James L. McGinty

    Hey Thomas, How in the heck does having alot of money have to do with them owing you! ..Im laughing at you…you let enough people run over you and it starts to add up..i sstand my ground you wanna laugh…laugh all the way to the poor house!@

  3. jerry mcdowell

    POLITICS at its best . i do hope you have enough $$$$$ to see this through. the city has unlimited funds–tax payers $$$$$

  4. thomas

    Ruthie Carter, I can say i agree with this one. Look city threatened to fire employees if they signed the petion. City as also went as far as haveing someone from another city try to file things on brian. But this place is corrupt as hell, no second guessing that.

  5. thomas

    lmao at james. Thats to funny. Man do you know how much money brian has. why would he want to steal 52 dollars. I mean come on. I dont honestly think he was like **** there is james, i am going to rip this guy off. Most things can be handled with out the trashing for real. I bet if you would have talked to him and had a sensable conversation with him on the conserns over the bill it would have been taken care of. 52 dollars isnt worth the business that could be lost on it. I guess if brian is calling the kettle black, maybe you are i bet you ripped someone off for more that 52 dollars. thanks and great job brian keep it up. U are the only one thats for real stood up to these punks that want to man people in to what they want.

  6. James L. McGinty

    you stole $52.00 dollars from me Mr. Becker! That was underhanded, and you dont like what the city is doing.Talk about the kettle calling the Pot Black!

    1. Brian Becker

      James, during the hearing today I mentioned that only a few times have I had to filter the comments. A couple because they were too ruthless at the city and then a guy who is mad because he thinks I overcharged him years ago (this is the fifth time you’ve posted in the past two years and each of them have included the $52). I am sorry James, I hate to think of how I have hurt your heart. Let me know the next time you are coming to town and I will have your $52 for you. Brian

  7. Ruthie Carter

    It’s fairly obvious what is happening here between the employee calling in sick and the gag order. I suppose, from the employee’s standpoint, that given a choice between doing what is morally right and standing up for your convictions or feeding your family; that the family needs come first. It’s a shame that the City is so morally bankrupt that it is stooping to shenanigans such as these.