Just a girl and her burger

Apr 30, 2015

It can be a harsh world out there. I don’t know about you all, but there are days when I’ve just had too much.

I do not want to watch the news anymore. I do not want to think about one more problem or how to solve it. I just want some comfort.

And in those times, do I turn to a bar?

No…I turn to burgers.

A great cheeseburger is the ultimate comfort food.

So this week, I sought to drown my sorrows in the ultimate cheeseburger.

I found the perfect place. Bluff Burgers & Brews, affectionately known to locals as “Triple B’s”.

I chose to eat lunch there because I really didn’t want to deal with people. I just wanted a nice, intimate relationship between my cheeseburger and me.

Sure…Triple B’s can draw a big crowd on Friday and Saturday nights. They are known for booking some of the greatest music around, and the place is just the right size to host great music, but still retain that intimate feel.
But…this was not the time for going to a place “where everybody knows your name”. No….I wanted a place where no one knew my name.

A midweek lunch was the perfect time.

Few people, and just my cheeseburger and me.

I like my comfort food pretty basic. I just ordered a cheeseburger, crinkle cut fries, and a Dr. Pepper.

There were lots of burger options, and lots of potato options. But I like keeping it simple. For those of you from Doniphan, it takes me back to the old Don’s Drive-In. You remember those days, don’t you? When there was nothing more complicated to think about than your Friday night date?

So…I immensely enjoyed the intimacy of my burger and fries, and classic country music playing in the background.

If burgers are comfort food, then comfort music is traditional country. Nothing like being reminded that pretty much every American has the same issues to deal with…bills, divorce…but then love and beer always finds its way.

The food was very reasonably priced, and there was an extensive menu from which I could have chosen. All kinds of appetizers, including some very interesting sounding ones like “Cajun Fried Pickles” and “Spice Bacon Wrapped Tots”.

There were many burgers on their burger menu, including again, some interesting sounding ones like “The Long Morning” and a tasty looking “Bacon and Bleu Burger”, and of course a Southern Classic, the “Fried Bologna Burger”.
Also listed were wings, many wing sauces from mild to Cajun, and beef, chicken and bbq sliders. Pizza and sandwiches were also listed.

And for those who choose not to drown their sorrows in comfort food, there are salads.

Triple B’s also has a full bar, but I find a burger much more effective in drowning sorrows over alchohol.

My waitress was Deanne, who was very attentive, but yet also respected the obvious sultry relationship between my burger and me. When she realized I probably was not going to make it through my whole burger there, she offered a to go box and a to go drink.

So…whether you want an intimate place for just your cheeseburger and yourself, or a night out with friends, Triple B’s gets my vote.

They are located in what is known as the “West Village” down PP Highway, which is also a location I like. It’s close to Poplar Bluff, yet not in Poplar Bluff. And it actually does have a village feel.

They say it takes a village.
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Certainly it seems a nice village for a girl and her burger to settle down for a nice, long term relationship.