KFVS Covers Story On 6 o'Clock News

Jul 24, 2010

On Friday, I was contacted by the local channel 12 report, Tyler Profilet, saying that the station had received numerous requests to run the story. He interviewed me on the phone in the morning and arranged for a video interview yesterday afternoon.

The story appeared very accurate and I was very pleased with the piece.

KFVS Story on Friday’s Six O’clock News
(both the transcript and video versions are available)

  1. Janis

    Awesome and to the point. What a waste of time, energy, and resources for this to be continuing. I hope everyone that cares about small businesses will stand by the local ISP’s and show up at the meeting in August. The time to have a voice is now. There is power in numbers. I wonder where we would be if more would have had a voice when prayer was removed from school. I would hate to see legal action taken but if the vote is not reversed I believe they intentionally pushed you into a corner and expect it. What a sad reflection this puts on the city of PB and what a deterrent it is to growth for any business considering coming to PB.