Local Home-School Entrepreneur Starts "Jack-O-Lanterns Pumpkin Sales"

Oct 12, 2011

Jack Becker, a fifth grader, saw an opportunity after visiting his uncle’s pumpkin patch last weekend. The two struck a deal and Becker had secured a quality product at the time when demand is high. After a quick trip to the local stores of Poplar Bluff, Becker established a price of $3 for medium-sized pumpkins and 3 small pumpkins for $5.

Day one was spent selling 40 pumpkins over the phone and on Facebook. On day two, Becker convinced his father to provide a free advertisement on his local website:

To purchase pumpkins, call 573.718.1878. Pumpkins will be available for pickup the following business day in Poplar Bluff at the semo.net offices.

  1. Carolyn

    Good for you Jack. This nation was based on people like you had an idea, a goal, and went for it. May you go far in life! America needs more like you.