Making The Most Of A Bad Situation

Nov 03, 2011

Last night, I met a young man who recently lost his job. He, his wife and little boy and young daughter were all out in their yard. They had already signed our petition a few weeks back, and I was there with a “change of address” form so that his petition signature would match his voter address.

We spoke about the struggle to survive in this economy. We talked about how hard it is for our young children to understand that we just don’t have the money to do the things we did a year ago. His daughter was asking to go to Ryan’s earlier that day and his heart broke to tell her that he couldn’t fulfill that simple wish.

My heart broke and though I don’t have much excess cash these days, I handed him most of what I did have in my pocket and encouraged him to hang in there.

We were two complete strangers, standing in the streets of this great city struggling to meet our obligations and commitments to our family. We both hugged, teared up, smiled, then agreed…we will not let our situation define us nor defeat us.

  1. cindy

    If only more people would have such a heart of compassion. I’m not talking about “redistribution” or taking from the rich to give to the poor, I’m just talking heart felt compassion where we reach out and do what we can do to help each other make it. A box of groceries for an elderly senior struggling to make it on SS. A warm coat to the neighbor child who seems to have outgrown last years coat. A fresh pot of homemade soup to the new parents whose husband just lost his job. If each one of us did “something” think what an awesome place this would be. May God bless you ABUNDANTLY for your gift to this family.

  2. sharon

    So good to hear that there are people who have love in their hearts for those who need a little extra boost in their life. GOD BLESS YOU.
    The song LORD TEACH ME TO TAKE EACH DAY AT A TIME. We are reminded to do so often it seems.

    God Blessings is my prayer