Mayan Prophecy 2012 Sparks Dread And Celebration Worldwide

Dec 18, 2012

There are plenty of jokes surrounding the end of the world…for instance Will Ferrell’s tweet that after Dec 21, the movie “2012” will be moved from the category “Action/Adventure” to “Comedy”. Regardless of the jokes, people have wondered about the meaning of this day since the Mayan civilization was re-discovered. And for this one-day-in 5125-years, people all over the world are gearing up with both excitement and fear.

FROM THE AP: MEXICO CITY (AP) — The clock is ticking down to Dec. 21, the supposed end of the Mayan calendar, and from China to California to Mexico, thousands are getting ready for what they think is going to be a fateful day.

The Maya didn’t say much about what would happen next, after a 5,125-year cycle known as the Long Count comes to an end. So into that void have rushed occult writers, bloggers and New Age visionaries foreseeing all manner of monumental change, from doomsday to a new age of enlightenment.

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  1. Jeremy

    I liked the jokes that were made about the end of the world. And my own children were a bit worried about it too when they saw the list of events taking place in Toronto after that date. It would be a real catastrophe for them if they missed Disney on Ice so I am glad the end of the world was just a fable. :D

  2. Oris Swearingin

    The Mayan date of dec 21st 2012 came and went 1 1/2 years ago. Just add leap year and you will see it has been a big joke. So has the great alignment aready occured. Get real.. dont buy into the sales gig.