“Mirror, Mirror On TheWall…”

Apr 17, 2009

In just a few short weeks the weather will warm us to the idea of shedding some layers of clothing and even trying on last summer’s bathing suit. It is then, when that Paul Lynde voice behind the dreaded mirror reflection either purrs and winks back or grimaces while hurling awful insults, that we are faced with the consequences of a long winter’s worth of food and exercise choices. I can think of two friends, off the top of my head, to whom the mirror will be kind, but if you are like me, you are woeful at the wiggliness of that skin between your elbow and arm pit, sickened at the size of your thighs, bothered by your blubbery belly… Can I get an “Amen” here, people?

I’ve got the perfect solution to help you feel your absolute best this summer as well as launch you into a healthy, year-round regimen, so we don’t even have to have this conversation next spring. My good friend and I (along with other women ranging in age from 18 to late 40s) are in our fourth week of a six week workout at the Black Belt Academy, here in Poplar Bluff, which we have appropriately named Bootycamp!
Bootycamp is an intense, targeted six-week workout specifically designed for women by Mr. Tony Page, owner and leader of the Black Belt Academy. Mr. Page’s many achievements include being a 4th degree Black Belt in Songahm Taekwondo and a certified Taekwondo instructor, ranking in the World Top Ten in each belt and enjoying the title of World Champion in forms and training four other World Champions, to name a few.

The 6 weeks begins with an individual weight and BMI (Body Mass Index) assessment and then the fun…OK, hard work, begins. The workout varies from day to day but always incorporates intense aerobic and strength training components. Dietary information is also given to help maximize personal results. Mr. Page is an encouraging, inspirational force for anyone trying get back on the track of good health and overall fitness and well-being.

Bootycamp is held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 10:30 to 11:30, with the next session starting on April 27th and ending on June 5th. The cost is $7 per day. A room with toys and a DVD player is available for your children.

So what are you waiting for, ladies? Today is the day for change as we look forward to looking and feeling our best this fun-filled, fit summer. Call your girlfriends and get those booties in shape by enlisting in Bootycamp today. Just call 573-785-5425 to sign up. Let this be the season where you make that mirror on the wall…blush.

  1. Teacher Creature

    You’ve got a hearty AMEN from me! Unfortunately, in my small community, we have no such resources as the Black Belt Academy. And due to my job, I’d be unable to attend those hours. However, we are very fortunate to have a fantastic fitness center through our school. And the only one responsible for making sure I do my workout is me. I can sluff off and feel very guilty, or I can make the time after school or in the evenings to do at least 30 minutes, preferably an hour workout. For those who don’t workout, you cannot imagine how much better you feel after a rigorous session. I am over 60 and finally decided to get myself back in similar shape that I was in high school when playing sports and running track. I’ve lost a consierable amount of weight–no particular diet, other than just counting calories. and allowing myself to splurge with some of my favorite foods one day a week. I have found myself eating much healthier meals than I have in a LONG time, and overall, I just feel so much better and have a more positive outlook on life. Perhaps when I retire, I might be able to take part in the martial arts training–I’d LOVE to do that. It really souonds neat.