MO Ethics Commission Dismisses Case Against Becker

Feb 05, 2013

I’m thrilled to announce that we just received word from the Missouri Ethics Commission that the two complaints filed against me have been dismissed. This is definitely a big weight off my family’s shoulders.

Let me disclaim this next section as the Point of View of Brian Becker…just so we are clear:

Both complaints were filed by Doug Bagby and investigated by the City’s Police Department issuing search warrants and subpoenas to multiple companies in Poplar Bluff, compiling their evidence for the complaint. The complaints alleged that I was responsible for printing the flyers. Approximately 20 of us distributed the flyers around Poplar Bluff the weekend before the election. Bagby wrongfully alleged that my billboards didn’t carry the proper disclaimer (which they did). And regarding the Yard Signs, I had gone around town to correct them with masking tape stating they were paid for by but the Police had seized them. I couldn’t correct the ones they had seized but their proof of no disclaimer were only on signs from an improper seizure; that’s a Catch-22.

A portion of the letter I received today from the Missouri Ethics Commission read:

The Missouri Ethics Commission considered…the complaint against you. The Commission found no reasonable grounds that violations occured pursuant to Chapter 130, RSMo. From the facts presented, the Commission voted to dismiss the case.

Over the past months, I cooperated fully with the investigation. Turned in all the requested information. Signed both a letter addressing my personal involvement as well as an affidavit discussing’s involvement in the case including all monies expended.

It was never an intention to conceal my actions, I was clearly and publicly against giving the City/MU more money because they clearly had not done the engineering to know the final price tag nor whether they would receive the $3M grant.

In my opinion, officials of the City of Poplar Bluff bent and broke laws and infringed on state and federal rights in order to insure themselves $20,000,000. I am ashamed of our City Manager, our Police Chief, and our local government. What about you?

  1. Barbara

    I like this news!! And it was the correct and fair resolution to the accusations made by the city.