Mr Bagby Responded To My Post...

Nov 05, 2012

I posted my response to Mr. Bagby’s editorial today and got this in my email shortly after:

==========DOUG BAGBY EMAILED ME TODAY===========

From: Doug Bagby To: Brian Becker Subject: RE: Nice editorial today... Brian: You’re right. I did give you credit and this will be an easy measure to defeat. I will also give you credit when our rates have to increase 85%to 87% as opposed to 74% in order to retire the bonds. I’m sorry you are so bitter and I’ll continue to include you and yours in my prayers. Life is short, live it to your fullest and to the good of your fellow man. Doug

==========END OF EMAIL==========================

I’m not sure what to say…Mr Bagby.

If an issue is an “easy measure to defeat,” should you actually spend money on an election or buy expensive ads in the DAR to support it?

  1. Jason

    hey brian, go pay your bills and wipe up your tears you loser. only reason you are against the city is because you are a bum and dont want to pay what you owe. PAY UP BRIAN AND MOVE ON.

  2. Jeffrey

    Poplar Bluff does need to expand their sewage capacity just to account for the crap coming from the city management.

  3. Mary Jane

    I did support Brian’s fight against the city of P.B. and his campaign against the sewer taxes UNTIL he compared Doug Bagby to our President. Doug Bagby’s tactics are reminiscent of George Bush’s policies, not Barack Obama’s. Doug, like George, has the “it’s my way or the highway mentality” and it is very evident his position has given him an inflated egotistical feeling of power. The voters need to stick a pin in his ego and demand he step down. Clearly, he is not working for the people, he’s working for the special interests (which he is probably profiting from).
    As for Brian, you have lost me as a supporter. You republicans deserve each other.

    1. Brian Becker

      Mary Jane, I’m certainly sorry that I frustrated you. My use of our current President is specifically about the debt issue. Mr Bagby wants money with no ramifications of what the debt will mean. I have the same issue with the last four years of George Bush’s term. Debt, Debt. Debt.

      So please forgive me for offending you and bring yourself to vote against Mr. Bagby’s $20 Million dollar Sewer Tax. And from now on I’ll be more careful to spread the blame around to all parties, not just the one in power.

      Thanks Mary Jane.

  4. jerry

    so what kind of head games is being played here? mr bagby if the voters say no that should be the end. or is it you can vote by i you have the last say? tell me did they teach you this when you got your degree? while i do not live in poplar bluff and very glad i don,t ….. it seems the city has a hunger for power…. what sayest thou ?

  5. Doug Bagby

    Brian, I didn’t respond to your “response to Mr. Bagby’s editorial”, I didn’t even read your editorial until you emailed me. You cut your email out of the above which is what I actually responded to, but that is what I’ve come to expect of you.

    1. Brian Becker

      Again, Doug, the issue at hand is that the People of Poplar Bluff’s vote does matter, and if this bill is defeated tomorrow then we will have saved the people from you loading them down with another $144 per year on their sewer.

      As I’ve said, spend a fraction of the $12.8 Million Dollars in the MU Bank Account on the engineering fees then come back to us in 2014 and tell us exactly what it will cost to do the task. That’s the honest and transparent way to do this sewer project: But that’s not what I’ve come to expect from you!