Municipal Utilities & City Cable Flyer About New Rates and Speeds

Jan 05, 2011

As most of you are finding out, inside your Municipal Utilities / City Cable bill in January is a flyer about new speeds and rates for Cable Internet. As people have noted, this flyer didn’t just go to MyCityCable customers and it doesn’t say “MyCityCable” on it anywhere. By the way our phone is ringing, this has caused mass confusion.

We are confused as well, as to why City Cable would tell customers that your rate and speed are changing. But it’s not fair that our customers get yanked around like this. We will honor the flyer that has been mailed with your bill. You should expect the speed change to take place in the next 48 hours. If your rate also is to change, we will adjust (pro-rate) your account to show this as well. To avoid confusion, if you’ve already received your January bill, just pay that amount and you will have a credit on your February statement.

City Cable Flyer Sent To Semo.Net Customers

Why customers were sent this flyer in a Municipal Utilities bill is confusing and I believe inappropriate, but many of their decisions made over the past 14 months have left me scratching my head.

Many of you have voiced concern asking when was getting off the cable network. Big River announced they closed their cable internet service at the end of 2010. Many people are saying, if I have to switch, I might as well do it now.

We honestly believe that the decision to close Open Access and kick the ISPs off the network is illegal and expect the courts to decide in our favor. According to the current city ordinance, at a minimum we will have access to the network until October, 2011. We hope you will stay with us until the courts decide.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at

  1. Melba Peters

    Faster for the same amount of money? Doubtful. My internet speed has not been nearly as good since going with city cable. Also they do not
    provide security like ATT. When I ask them they did not even know what I was talking about.

  2. craft63961

    dlittrell You and many other people are excited about how this is going to be so great for you and who cares how the other businesses that were on the system are affected because it doesn’t directly affect you. Well for now it doesn’t directly affect you but it will in the future. If the courts were to rule in the favor of city cable which I highly doubt they will then my city cable will then have the customer base of all businesses combined lots of money but it will not be enough. At that point all competition is gone and you dlittrell will get a new notice saying rates are going up and you will have no option but to pay it. To all of the mycitycable users: there is nothing wrong with your choice to use mycitycable but you for sure should be sending a letter of support for the other providers on the system to remain. Competition is the only way to keep prices low other wise you will be at the mercy of the mycitycable leadership which have proved themselves to be arrogant and money hungry. I have dsl but I support the crew on fighting mycitycable.

  3. dlittrell

    In my opinion, faster is faster, and cheaper is cheaper. I am very happy and plan to stick with mycitycable as my isp.