My First Impressions of Windows 7.0

May 12, 2009

Late this year, Microsoft will release its next version of operating system labeled “Windows 7.” To get ready for the move, I’ve been testing Windows 7.0 for over a month now. I’m biased about the Windows product because I started with Windows 1.0 in 1986.

I’d personally rate the different versions as:

Windows 1.0 – groundbreaking
Windows 2.0 – skipped this version
Windows 3.x – Good
Windows 95 – Okay
Windows 98 – Good
Windows ME – Bad
Windows XP – Very Good
Windows Vista – Bad unless you had someone spend hours tweaking it

Comparatively, Windows 7 is incredible. It’s faster than both Vista and XP. It’s stable. I believe this will be one of the most anticipated releases in Microsoft’s history.

Over the next few months, I’ll post some of the new and improved features found in the new Windows 7. Stay tuned.

  1. Dlittrell

    i have to agree with u on this, i tested windows 7 beta (7100 build) and i am confident that it will surpass any windows yet, its very stable, less compatibilty issues than vista (even with the latest updates). the only real issue i found with it was my magic jack wasent recognized (because MJ doesent support win.7) but after about 5 min. research, i found how to make it work as their are several forums and discussions about windows 7. games run faster (even graphics intensive games like Call of Duty 5 and GTA:IV) and windows 7 is less of a resource hogg. U can bet that when they release this, ill be one of the first ones at the store to get it, so if i have to fight with anyone over getting a copy, no hard feelings, ok, lmao j/k. :)