New American Flags Needed For Highway - Flag Fund Campaign

Jun 02, 2011

Message from John McDonough, Scoutmaster Troop 166


Poplar Bluff Boy Scout Troop 166 has, for several years, been responsible for displaying and caring for the flags that are displayed along our city streets during every holiday and patriotic occasion. Over time our flags have worn out and we are down to only 50 that are serviceable. Therefore we have started a Flag Fund campaign to raise money to purchase 200 new American flags to adorn Westwood Blvd, Business Hwy 60, 5th Street, & Hwy 53.

If we can get this funded our scouts would like to have the new flags in place before July 4th so we can show this great town how we feel about our country. At one time flags flew from just about every street light pole here in PB. They are placed there in honor of our country, our heroes, our beliefs, and our values. We would like to see that continue and with your help and support I know we can do it!

The scouts feel it is time we honor this great nation, those who have gave all, and each other; one flag at a time. Please help fund this patriotic effort.

These high quality flags are made in the USA and are $15 each. Please make all donations to:

Troop 166 Flag Fund
72 CR 4413
Poplar Bluff, MO 63901

ALSO: BSA Troop 166 does a very nice Flag Retirement Ceremony. If you have a Flag that is no longer serviceable, tattered, torn, or worn; please have them call get in touch with me (John 718-9423) so that I can make certain that it is retired in proper fashion with the entire honor it deserves.

  1. John McDonough

    Thanks Tom!
    I received your donation in the mail today. The out pouring of support has been humbling and amazing. I love this town and it’s good people. The Scouts will be assembling the new flags onto poles at tonight’s meeting and we will work out the logistics for putting them up on the 30th of June and 1st of July.
    My biggest fear at this point is holders; I will check them all out this weekend!
    Once again thanks to everyone for your support of our efforts and most of all for your support of this great nation, it’s flag, and all that it stands for.
    John McDonough

  2. Tom Warner

    As a former Eagle Scout and retired Air Force officer, I am glad to be able to make a donation to Troop 166. When I see “Old Glory” flying on our streets, it makes me proud to be a citizen of Poplar Bluff. Keep up the good work!

  3. John McDonough

    Dr. Ben Adkins is accepting donations at his office.
    We will be going all out for the 4th of July. I will try to take down any broken holders as we are putting out the flags, or at least have the scouts report to me where the bad ones are. Once I have them or their location I would love your help in repairing them.
    John McDonough
    Scout Master
    Troop 166

  4. Jim Davis

    Would like to donate to the flag fund. Just wondering if there was any business in Poplar Bluff that was accepting donations. Also would like to see a few of the flag holders that need to be replace. I may be able to repair if not in too bad of condition.

  5. John McDonough

    A big thank you to Mr Bill Ebersole for his generous donation to the Flag Fund.

  6. John McDonough

    Thank you Carol, your contribution is much appreciated. Your memories of your family are priceless and I am honored you shared them with us.

    Cindy, we are collecting $15.00 for each flag and the fund drive is going great.

  7. Cindy Fuller Perkins

    Hi John, When I had my business on N. Westwood, Poplar Bluff Square I paid a yearly fee to have a flag posted at my business for all the appropriate occasions. I think that was from the VFW or AMVETS. I thought they did the flags on hiway 67 also. I didn’t realize it was a scout troop. Go Boy Scouts!!!! Is there a specific amount per flag? I did not see a $$ amount in the previous post. Hope you get enough for all the needed flags. Please let me know the amount.

  8. Carol Miller

    Thank you for all of your hard work. I am sending a check for four flags, one in memory of my husband Staff/Sgt. Jerry (USMC),who was killed in Vietnam, One in memory of my son Jay, who died of cancer, one for my son Tony who is my greatest support, and one for myself…Best of luck in your fund drive.

  9. John McDonough

    Mr. and Mrs. Hibler,

    Thank you so much for your kind words and for your support, I will pass your gratitude on to the scouts at our next meeting. This is a great community we live in and I am proud that I get to share it with our Scouts and with folks like you!

    John McDonough

  10. Trudy Hibler

    We will definitely contribute to the cause. Since moving here we’ve been very pleased to see the flags displayed during patriotic holidays. If we can help replace flags in need of retirement and/or contribute to additional flags we’d be honored.

    Thanks to BSA troop 166 for all your efforts. We had wondered who the responsible party is and are glad to pass along our appreciation.

    Trudy and John Hibler

  11. John McDonough

    A special thank you to Mr. Morgan at Morgan’s Small Engine Repair for your contribution to our cause, but even more so for your service to our country.
    Go Navy:)

  12. Bill Ebersole

    I would like to make a donation but I would like to be sure that the flag I donate would be displayed properly. I have complained about this before as many of the flags on Highway 67 are almost touching the ground. This would involve considerabe effort on someones part as all of the flag holders apparently were placed by someone standing on the ground. I have always been told that our flag should be placed well above and not touching the ground in a prominate and appropriate manner…

    1. John McDonough

      Mr. Ebersole,

      Thank you for your input. If you ever see a flag improperly displayed, please contact me (718-9423).

      The flags are placed with honor in the manner that you see them for several reasons. The first one is the most obvious as you alluded to, ease of putting them out and taking them down, this is all done by volunteer Boy Scouts, we do not have ladders or bucket trucks.

      Secondly, the flags are not displayed permanently but only on special occasions, holidays, and patriotic events or rally’s, so displaying them at eye level or slightly above is appropriate. I do acknowledge that several of the flag holders have slid down over the years, but the clamps that hold them are rusted tight and the holders would be destroyed if we attempted to raise them up. Our Scouts will never place a flag where it will contact the ground!

      I am hopeful that enough donations will be received so they can purchase some more holders as well, but the immediate need is for Flags.

      You mentioned that you would be willing to make a donation, I hope that my answer has allowed you the freedom to generously do so.

      John McDonough