NewWave Wins Hearts of Kids

Jun 26, 2014

NewWave, the new owners of City Cable, converted Whiteley Park into a kids dream. Bouncy houses and blowup slides and rock walls had lines of kids waiting for their turn.

According to John Brinker, NewWave General Manager of Missouri/Arkansas, over 300 citizens came out to enjoy an evening of family fun. When asked about the transition, Brinker was pleased with their progress and the NewWave team expects that customers will begin receiving their bills from NewWave by mid-August.

  1. shirley

    I am on oxygen & was un able to go to whiteley for info on the new cable co. I tried calling to see if they would mail me the info but was basically given the run around as no one seemed to know any thing about it. I have city cable now but if there service is any thing like trying to get information I will think about changing.

    1. Brian Becker

      Shirley, I think that the problem is that the phones are still being answered by City Employees. By August, I think NewWave will have full control and you can call in and get the answers you need.