NewWave Plans Launch of 1-Gigabit Internet Service in Poplar Bluff

Aug 27, 2014

Poplar Bluff, Mo. – Super-fast gigabit-class Internet is coming to Poplar Bluff, Missouri. NewWave Communications is deploying Version 3.1 of DOCSIS (the Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification), the next generation and new standard in cable technology, in the fourth quarter of 2014 and expects to deliver 1-gigabit Internet service.

The upgrade of NewWave’s Poplar Bluff system has been underway for months beginning at the time the system was purchased from The City of Poplar Bluff in April 2014. NewWave’s investment in new technology for its small-to-mid sized markets will make available Internet speeds up to 100 times faster than the national average.

While other companies are promoting gigabit speeds in select major metropolitan cities, NewWave is proud to be at the forefront of delivery of 1-gigabit service to rural communities. It plans to continue to build upon its investments to ensure its communities have access to the highest level of technology.

Today’s consumers have multiple devices connected to their home Internet service including laptops, tablets, smart phones, TVs, printers, home security systems and game consoles. NewWave’s 1-gigabit service will provide an amazing online experience and give customers the speed needed to support all their devices. A 1-gigabit Internet connection allows customers to stream without delay and download songs, TV shows and movies in seconds.

“We’re very excited to rollout 1-gigabit Internet service to Poplar Bluff residents,” said Phil Spencer, CEO of NewWave Communications. “The cutting-edge Internet service is just one of the examples of our commitment to our rural communities. We’re also planning on delivering phone service, more HDTV channels, money-saving bundles and advanced commercial services. The Poplar Bluff system upgrade gives us an exceptional opportunity to serve our customers. We will be bringing gigabit service to several other rural markets early next year.”

NewWave’s continued investment in bandwidth reinforces its growth strategy. The company is poised to capitalize on its investment in 2014 with an increase in Internet penetration and commercial services revenue.

  1. Snarkle Fletcher

    Good. Maybe this will force boycom to actually upgrade and have some speeds beyond glacial.

    1. Brian Becker

      You might consider sending this story to them Snarkle…