Nov 11, 2011

More than the 2900 signatures were gathered to put Open Access to a vote of the people as promised by City Manager, Doug Bagby. Now, the Open Access Petition group turns its attention to protecting the voters who signed the petition.

The group’s new web site,, is designed to keep the citizens updated on progress and encourage valuable input.

Brian Becker, group spokesperson, stated, “It appears to us that these 3400 voters have no advocate within City Hall. City Hall is working to figure out ways to throw out voters. For instance, we’ve heard City Hall is considering throwing out any voter who mailed in their petition. That is sad.” features video clips of Poplar Bluff citizens giving voice to their support for putting the important issue of Open Access into the hands of the voters, rather than a handful of city leaders.

Blog posts include interesting statistics outlining the make-up of voters who signed the petition as well as current behind-the-scenes information as the voter petitions now lie in the hands of those leaders who were elected/appointed to serve.

The site has interactive features including the ability to “LIKE” a video on Facebook, comment on a video or blog, and upload a video.

The group has also secured a spot on the digital billboard at Wal-Mart running the following billboard advertisement:

The Open Access Petition Group encourages everyone who values freedom, consumer choice and competition in the free-market to join them in their mission to make the will of the citizens of Poplar Bluff heard AND acted upon.

  1. Kenneth Kirchgesler

    I didn’t sign the petition as I’m not registered locally, but it comes as no surprise that the city is pulling dirty tricks. In my time in the Poplar Bluff area I have on more than a dozen occasions seen the city governments socialist and anti-business way of operating. Fire the so called city manager and vote out all the council. Maybe a new slate of intelligent citizens might help bring the Bluff back to prosperity.

  2. scott

    you know its a shame you didnt put this much effort in to keep your wayne county customers.

    1. Brian Becker

      Scott, I feel your pain and am very sorry that we had to drop our service in Wayne county. But to our company’s credit, we took a loss on Wayne County for over 2 years before discontinuing service there. With the financial drain of City Cable losses, we could no longer afford to lose money in your area…my area. I live in Williamsville and now have to use Windstream service. Believe me when I say I wish we could have done something different. == Brian