Open Access Petition Says: Please Come To City Council Mtg July 5!

Jun 27, 2011

From the website:

We need YOU to come to the City Council meeting on Tuesday, July 5 at 7pm. We need City Council to understand this issue won’t just go away. City Council meets at the City Hall (on Oak Street behind the Library) in the Council Chambers.

Tell us on facebook
you are coming:

Need a ride?
We can help, call 573.840-0525.
Want to Volunteer?
We need help, call 573.738-0055

What Else Can You Do:
– Post on facebook & tweet that you are coming to the meeting and invite other locals to do so
– Call friends and ask them to join you at the council meeting
– Are you part of a group? Contact them and ask them to join us
– Contact the Chamber of Commerce (785-7761)
– Contact the DAR (785-1414) or and ask them to write about this
– Contact KFVS-TV and ask them cover it 800-455-kfvs or

Talking Points When Contacting The Media:
– This is about Choice & Competition on the City Cable Network – You don’t need to mention “Open Access”
– City Council has been asked by hundreds of signatures to put a question on the upcoming ballot
– All we want is a vote!!!! This is America! Let the people decide.
– 700 Butler County voters signed the petition to put a question on the ballot
– 325 were PB voters – more than enough signatures as required by our State’s constitution, Article III.
– City Council will not even put this on their City Council Agenda because they don’t want to address it
– Send them to

This is why we need you there:
– City Council is ignoring this — hoping WE will go away
– With enough support, they can’t ignore US any longer

Thank you,
The Open Access Petition group

We all lead busy lives, but PLEASE come on Tuesday, July 5, 7pm and take a stand for Choice & Competition in our community.

  1. jerry mcdowell

    well did you get any thing accomplished ?