Poplar Bluff Ranks Worst On Broadband Speeds In Southern Missouri Communities

Jul 22, 2013

Our federal government is now tracking how fast Internet service is throughout the United States. Sadly, Poplar Bluff’s 5meg maximum speed of City Cable is dwarfed 20-times-over by Sikeston’s and Cape Girardeau’s 100Mbit service.

The map can be found at broadbandmap.gov:

  1. Freda

    At least you have DSL! All we can get is satellite or dial-up. We live just five miles from the M Highway and Township Line junction. I think it’s pretty sad that AT&T won’t offer DSL. They’re more than willing to take our money for our cell and home phones! Sometimes I believe some of the third world countries have better and faster internet options than we do!

  2. anthony

    yes i have to agree on the speeds of windstream but where i’m at i’m just happy i don’t have to deal with dial up. The phone lines in the area that windstream is located are mostly extremely outdated. If windstream is all you can get count yourself lucky you have high speed at all, unless you want to fork out the money for satellite that has a cap.

  3. Josh

    oh god. yes windstream is by far the worst internet provider i have ever encounterd

  4. jerry

    my DSL in doniphan suxs big time windstream on a scale of 1-10 i rate you a minus 10