Press Release: Grassroots Movement Strives for 3,000 Signatures in 60 Days to Bring “Open Access” Back to Poplar Bluff

Jul 21, 2011

According to Doug Bagby, City Manager of Poplar Bluff, MO, “roughly 2,900 signatures” are needed to place the Open Access Petition on the ballot. Mr. Bagby further commented that “If you do acquire the correct number of signatures…the City Council will abide by the ‘letter of the law’ and the ‘spirit of the law’ and honor the vote of the public whichever way it turns out.”

A grassroots effort is underway to secure 3,000 Poplar Bluff registered voter signatures in 60 days, dubbed “3k60”.

This week, the Open Access petition was mailed to over 8,000 Poplar Bluff registered voters in wards 1-5 utilizing the United States Postal Service’s “Every Door Direct Mail” service with the help of Minit Print.

Supporters of 3k60 urge recipients of the petition to “Sign It–Stamp It–Send It” to the Open Access Petition Headquarters, or hand-deliver it to any of a number of locations including Adkins Chiropractic, The Bread Co., The Wine Rack / Java Stop, and

3k60 wants to remind voters that this is a petition for the people of Poplar Bluff. Signing the petition will help bring internet competition back to Poplar Bluff; competition that drives down prices and boosts internet speeds. Open Access places the choice of service back into the hands of the taxpayers who paid for the broadband network.

The US Chamber of Commerce responded recently about Open Access of Government-owned networks that they, “support open-access requirements on publicly-funded systems…and would argue that localities should not be able to drive out private-sector providers.”

Brian Becker, owner of and a national advocate for Open Access for over a decade stated, “Open Access is about Choice. Because the citizens of this great city paid to have their homes connected to the Information Super-Highway, they should have the right to connect to their provider of choice.”

This petition puts that power of choice in the Poplar Bluff voters’ hands.

For more information or to volunteer, please contact (573) 300-4567, or go to to sign up for updates on the progress of this historic effort.

  1. Julie

    I am moving from Doniphan to Poplar Bluff. We are building a house about 3 miles north of Poplar Bluff, just minutes from town. Originally, before buying the lot, I had called around and made sure I could get highspeed internet, and Semo.Net told me cable internet would be available out there. Since then, the city has taken over the cable internet, and now, access isn’t available through them at our new house.

    So I’m struggling to understand how people I know in Doniphan who live out in the middle of nowhere can have DSL, yet someone minutes from Poplar Bluff does not have DSL accessible to them?

    If I could, I’d sign the petition, but from everything I’ve read it sounds like I’m not eligible to sign it. So come on Poplar Bluff, let’s get caught up with the times!!

  2. Jackie

    [When] I contacted both city clerk and county clerks of Poplar Bluff they informed me that since I reside in the county, I am not permitted to sign this open acess petition. I am a registered voter in Poplar Bluff, and when I vote, I vote at the 5th & 6th grade center. I receive city of Poplar Bluff utilities such as cable tv, city water, city sewer, cable internet. And because I live in the county (two blocks outside city limits) I am not allowed to sign this petition. I am not required to pay city taxes, but I do pay county taxes, and my vehicles are taxed by the city, but I live in the county. Am I a resident of Poplar Bluff? Yes I am, but a county resident I guess. I am not permitted to sign the open access petition, but I support it and encourage any ‘city’ resident of Poplar Bluff to sign this petition. Let’s bring back free enterprise, and competition to our city. It’s good for everyone concerned. Thanks