Rexroat Speaks About Election In SEMO Times

Mar 16, 2012

This time last year we all heard rumblings of Poplar Bluff city leadership voting to deny access for private Internet providers to the citizen-owned cable system… there would be no more open access. And soon we’d all be forced to use Poplar Bluff City Cable for Internet services. At first, I was sure this wouldn’t happen. Why would our own city government take customers away from local Internet businesses? [Read Full Letter]

  1. thomas

    First off, I would love for our city leaders. Its a down right shame what they are doing to this city. That list could go on and on. To the point though, our city leaders have to take a oath to do for the greater good of our city. Which they have failed miserably. That oath says nothing about the greater good of there own believes or for there own kick back, or whatever the case maybe. As far as Degaris goes. I have known him for many years. In this last three years I have grown to hate him for whats allowed to happen in this city. Its called a power hungry Republican town. For the most part all they want is power and money. Even in a third class city, city leaders can be held accountable for the actions they take while seated. They can be held personally responsible for there actions in court. I mean if you look at Ed, he wouldnt even have that job for real if the city didnt want to be sued. Jonny, can say what he wants, they all promise a good game till they are there. Then everything changes. And for Ruthie to mmake a statement about insurance is obsurd. I have no clue where you been or what you been doing but they have been making you buy insurance for years. Then please explain to me how the insurance wouldnt be a great deal for america as a whole. I mean by all means vote republican straight down the line and see what happens. All the people I see talking like that are usually people that draw state assitance or are in fact got medicaid or medicare that the government is paying for. Since its so bad for america lets see where you pay your own insurance at these high ass rates. Even if i wanted insurance how the hell can anyone afford the **** for real.

  2. al swearingin


  3. Ruthie Carter

    Did you ever have one of those days when you wished desperately that you lived in one place and were so dang thankful that you didn’t live there? It’s like that for me just now. I wish I lived inside the city limits so I could vote against Edington. At the same time I’m very thankful that I live outside the city limits so I still have and am not forced to use the city utilities. This sort of seems like Obama forcing the nation to buy a product (health care). Poplar Bluff city government is forcing those who live in the city to buy a product. Has the stench from D.C. permeated all the way to our little corner of the world?

    Go Johnny Go!!! Win this fight!