Sad Day for

Nov 15, 2012

Short version: our two-and-a-half-year battle with the City was dismissed today by the courts.

The longer version goes: that a couple of weeks ago, I found out that my lawyer had lost his license and would not have it reinstated prior to today’s hearing. He helped me secure another lawyer and all was well until a few days ago when the new lawyer stopped communicating with me.

I received a text message two days ago that he was speaking to the Judge about a scheduling conflict but that’s all. Today, the lawyer did not appear in court and had not filed the proper paperwork for the hearing. And the Judge granted summary judgment against us.

We have thirty-days to request the judge to reconsider and then we have the appeals process.

Our case is strong, the city did not sell us “internet service” as they argue and they did sell us “telecommunications service” but as the saying goes, it is tough to fight city hall. Even adding to it, the bizzarre series of events over the past couple of weeks, I am still compelled to press on.

I know everyone is struggling these days with this economy, however, at the same time if anyone has the where-with-all to aid me, I must at least ask.


  1. Jeffrey

    Brian I encouraging you to keep up your spirits. Ps I am usually against censoring but if Jason’s comments to all of your post were deleted it would increase the percieved iq of the entire area.
    To Jason you being a supporter of the city without an understanding of the big pictureis only opening up the cities ability to get in your pockets even more.

  2. james

    I know it has to be hard we pray that it turns out well for you and your family..There are alot of people behind you on this and Im sure the facts at the trial will speak for themselves ..Victory is just a step away soon this will be over.. Years from now rocking in your chair thinking back you will smile with pride at this accomplishment..

  3. Sue

    The best advice I can give, is if you are taking on a city, you better have an attorney that has no ties to that city. So, you need to get a lawyer from Cape or St.Louis.

  4. jerry

    politics money was given under the table.. how convinent —-lawyer had lost his license and would not have it reinstated prior to today’s hearing. Brian i wish you GOD Speed . you have come up against dirty politics .. what a shame semo use to be a top notch provider… had one of the better tech supports there was. at least they spoke English. small private business is being replaced by big corpsa…………

  5. Gordon Cato

    Hang in there Brian. It’s been a long battle and there are still a lot of people hoping you win the war. Let me know if there is any way I can help.

    Gordon Cato
    Cato Computer Repair

  6. Jason

    yea here is some helpful information… pay your bills you bum and quit playing comment nazi.