Schrieber Gets Caught Pushing Personal Agenda

Jun 11, 2014

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. [The Missouri Times] – Several southeast Missourians have informed The Missouri Times that Schrieber has told them that by attacking Senator Libla on an issue that the [Conservation] department was lobbying against would be an avenue toward helping him be appointed to the [Conservation] commission when the local highly-respected Don Bedell finishes his term in July of next year.

Schrieber has reportedly told several locals that Frank Campa, a conservation agent based out Cape Girardeau, informed him that attacking the Senator would be a perfect way to “curry favor” with the department and assist in his appointment.

Read the rest of the story at: The Missouri Times

  1. Steve

    Our conservation department works exceptionally well. There is no need to layer it with another level of political manipulations.

  2. Maye

    Mr. Schreiber, shame on you. People need to stop reading his newspaper. It’s biased, self absorbed, and just plain embarrassing to Poplar Bluff. The publisher seems to think that running his little newspaper gives him some sort of “power” over people who we elect to serve. His attacks on Libla among others are atrocious and shows his agenda to its fullest. I knew something was up when I read those stories about Libla. Whether you agree with him or not, it’s hard not to notice the work and effort Mr. Libla puts in. Schreiber acts like a spoiled baby throwing a temper tantrum more often than not. Someone please give that man a pacifier and buy his newspaper or start a new one here. It’s getting old. I say boycott anything with his name attached and take your advertisements elsewhere. He’s not end all be all for advertising.

  3. denise

    It’s about time people start seeing what he uses his newspaper for. It’s not a’s more like the tabloid papets. The more false the better!