Gets Makeover

Dec 14, 2012

We understand change isn’t fun, but in an effort to streamline our web site, has undergone a complete makeover. Many will love the change; Many will be frustrated by it; Leave your opinion and let us know what you think! Our site uses the popular “WordPress” platform and we’ve combined our blog into the site to help keep the content fresh. We’ve been using WordPress for over 10 years as it has developed into a powerful web platform.

The weather information has returned and you can still easily check your email from our site. The new page loads faster with less graphics. We will be tweaking the site over time, so if there are features you want or need, leave us a comment below.

  1. C. Powell

    Dont care for the new page, it seems I have been looking at that mouse for over a week now. I liked it when the news headline changed daily. Other than that, doesnt matter to me.

    1. Brian Becker

      A new story is added every two days with the previous three stories also there. The mouse was posted on 1/12 and should roll off over the weekend once I find a new story to add. Those aren’t “news” stories, but stories of human interest that might have been missed by our users in the day-to-day news grind.

  2. JIM

    I like the new home page but miss the drop down screen for other search

  3. vanessa wells

    sure miss the link to fox, like the new look, hope you stay around

  4. Don

    I like it fine. Wish there was still a link to fox and cnn. Why is Avira listing it as an attack page?

    1. semoadmin

      The Avira listing is probably leftover from last week’s Google listing. Though our server was repeated scanned by both online and offline service, we were never able to find malware and the next day Google lifted the rating. We think it was a false-positive that caused the listing.

  5. john

    Hate it. Liked the old look. Dont want to see end up like facebook and youtube all messed up.

  6. Mike Rauscher

    Just a thought.Since Southeast Missouri is such an allergy prone area.How about a graph or a link to an allergy forecast for our area on the weather comes to mind.

  7. Joe Wetton

    I for one like it. It’s clean and refreshing to read and get around on.