Continues To Get High Praise for Support Team

Jun 11, 2009

After every technical problem a customer has with our company, our system automatically sends out a survey to the customer asking for their feedback. We can count on one negative comment each week, but the amazing thing is that people go out of their way to express their appreciation to our Support Agents.

Here is a sample of the comments we received this week:

SUPPORT AGENT: Bridgett (received an Excellent rating)
“The “tech” I talked to was very helpful. She talked me through hooking up my dial-up internet, adding a desktop icon, and gave me an estimated timeline for when my DSL might be up and running again.”

SUPPORT AGENT: Beth (received 2 Excellent ratings)
“The young lady in the front, Is so kind and helpful when we need help with our problems. I comend and appreciate her so very much. Thank you.”

SUPPORT AGENT: Josh (received 5 Excellent ratings and 2 Good ratings)
“the technition was very patient and helpful. Thank you”

“My problem was taken care of immediately. Thanks”

SUPPORT AGENT: Stefan (received 6 Excellent ratings and 2 Good ratings)
“When I returned the phone call, the technician told me the latest my DSL would be ready again and also let me know that my account would be credited for the time I went over on my dial-up limit. I was able to reconnect my DSL and am up and running swiftly again! I never realized how much I appreciated DSL until I spent a week with dial-up :-).”

“Thank you for your support with my recent problem. I was very pleased with the support that I was given. Thanks again, Ellen Shands”

In a day and age where it seems like people speak more frustration than praise, it consistently surprises me that our Support Agents get 18 times more praise than criticism.

Consider the stories I’ve been told about other companies:

One person shared with me that calling their DSL provider has taken hours on hold to speak to someone.

Another person shared with me their horror story. They sent an email message to their Internet Company’s support stating “My power supply for my DSL modem has an electrical short in it, can you please tell me how I might obtain a replacement.”

The reply came back “If your electrical cord is too short, then move your modem closer to the outlet.” Clearly, this Support Agent did not have English as his native language.

What separates our company from all the other Internet services is two-fold. First, our Support Agents are top-notch and the VERY BEST in the business. Second, our Support Agents have a team behind them that keeps the network up and operational with one of the best designed networks available.

So the next time you hear someone say they are in need of great Internet service, please remind them that is the leader in customer satisfaction and all our Support Agents are local to our area.

  1. Ruth McMullin

    Switching from dialup to broadband was quite simple. The Support Team was great and it is reassuring to know these techs are LOCAL