Senator McCaskill Appearing in Poplar Bluff

Aug 04, 2009

Missouri Senator, Claire McCaskill, is hosting a town hall meeting to hear the input of her constituents on the health care “reform” debate that is currently raging across America. The free and public event will be held on Monday, August 10 at 2:30 PM at the Rutland Library on Three Rivers Community College Campus. (2080 Three Rivers Blvd. in Poplar Bluff). UPDATE: According to TRCC, the event will be at the Tinnin Fine Art Center, not the Library. (Thanks, Eleisha!)

You can contact the Senator by calling her Columbia Office at 573-442-7130 or emailing her through her web site with any questions or to make your voice heard on this crucial issue.

There are many websites to get up to speed on the topic of “health care reform” to equip you further in clarifying your opinion between now and then. I strongly urge you to take the time to attend this town hall meeting with Senator McCaskill and respectfully state your concerns or register your support before the Senate reconvenes in the fall.

To RSVP your attendance, please contact:

  1. Lee Lovette

    Dear Senator Mccaskill,

    If we want to have intelligent debates then become a leader for Missourians. Someone we can be proud of and say, “She is our Senator “. Sponsor a bill that requires that NO bill will be voted on until it has been fully read by every Congressman and Woman. This is the only way that we be able to have trust the Leadership in our government. This would be a great place to start, and to stop the bipartition between parties. Be a Leader and not another follower who is just collecting a pay check.

    Instead of ramming this full blown bill down everyone’s neck. Lets break it up into parts that is easier to swallow and easier to understand. Let us test the waters and make sure that they are doing what they are designed to do. Either saving money or improving the quality of care before we do something that could have ever lasting damage to our country.

    Another issue, if congress is going to criminalize the insurance companies then fix the issues that affect and worry most of us. Example- refusing to pay for procedures that are life saving and/ or improves the patients quality of life, treats cancer, or chronic pain because of cost will lower their profits. Allow us to shop for our health insurance in the way that we shop for life insurance or our car insurance; allow us to cross state lines. Allow us to get the best deal for OURSELVES.

    Second, Lets limited the superfluous lawsuits. I know there are good doctors in our country but we also have some bad ones. The bad ones need to change either specialties or get out the medical business all together. I personally believe that if someone files a superfluous lawsuit then they should paid all court cost if they lose their case.

    Third, remove any medical care for illegal aliens. We Missourians don’t mind helping a fellow American who has fallen on bad times but we don’t support having illegal aliens get free healthcare. That in its self would reduce the number of individuals who should be covered.

    Fourth, give everyone a tax break for starting a medical savings account. This may motivate folks to help themselves. And if they REFUSE to purchase health insurance then the government shall not help the stupid… There has to be ownership for ourselves.
    The issues that I listed above are what I think concerns us the most. These benefits are being taxed to very heavily; the same benefits that we all work for and agreed to when hired.

    My last two points is health care was low on the radar before President Obama took office. I am not saying that there were not concerns but we still have not fixed Medicare, Social Security, or Education. They have always been a top priority. Yet no one in Congress or any of our pass Presidents has done anything to resolve those issues. Once, those issues were resolved without raising taxes on anyone.

    No one has convinced me that we can do anything regarding global warming. I don’t even think that Man himself can change the weather. I think it is arrogant of man kind who thinks that we can. However Cap and Tax will not fix our dependency on foreign oil nor will it correct Global Warming. If we keep making policies based on science that is hundred percent accurate and we are wasting good money. I do think that we have to be good stewards of our planet by properly disposing harmful chemicals and hazardous materials, preventing them from getting into our drinking water and in our air. One of the simplest ways to help our environment is Nuclear Power plants. The French are using them and since we helped North Koreans with this technology we should be the world’s leaders in proper use and safe operation of it.

    Cap and trade will effectively save energy use by turning off the lights across America. Each month families already wait in fear for their electric bill, wondering if they will be able to pay the bill in full to avoid disconnection for non payment. If Cap and trade is passed, this will effectively double if not triple utility bills. More and more families will be disconnected due to financial difficulties.

    Thank you for your time.

    Lee Lovette

  2. David

    Senator McCaskil

    68% of American voters have health-insurance coverage they rate good or excellent.

    We the People have more to lose than to gain.

    The president says his plan will reduce costs, 53% believe it will have the opposite effect.

    We the People are skeptical about Senator McCaskil and the government’s ability to do anything well.

    Polling in February found that by a 2-1 margin, voters believe that no matter how bad things are Congress can always make matters worse.

    We the People say follow The rule of KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid!

    78% believe passage of the current congressional health-care proposals is likely to mean higher taxes for the middle class.

    We the People don’t believe Senator McCaskil or Obama about their promise on taxes.

    Senator McCaskil and Obama don’t need 1000 pages of legislation to get 8 consumer protections for We the People. One page of legislation per protection should about do it.

    Senator McCaskil, Had better say NO to 1000 pages of Health care reform.

  3. David

    Political science is the field devoted to
    studying political behavior and
    examining the acquisition and application of power, and
    the ability to impose one’s will on another

    Nearly 100% of Political science workers are employed by governments, mostly by the Federal Government.

    To obtrude or force (oneself, for example) on another or others.
    To offer or circulate fraudulently; pass off: imposed a fraud on consumers.

    My Dear Senator:
    Do not impose your will on Me!!!
    We the People

    Why don’ t you work for Missourians for once and not the DNC!!!!

  4. Bill

    My Dear Senator:
    If you vote in favor of the Health Reform bill, I will not vote for you at the next election.
    A Concerned American!

  5. Fayzie

    Senator: A footnote added: If you vote for this health care program then you should have to have it along with everyone of the congress that votes for it. Also along with having the health care all of congress plus the president should have to pay into Social Security. They are taking it away and giving it to the illegals and cutting down what the senior citizens are getting. IT’S JUST NOT FAIR TO THE COUNTRY for congress to have such big salaries and pensions while the rest of the country is struggling to make ends met. SO IF YOU VOTE FOR IT YOU SHOULD HAVE TO HAVE IT.

  6. LINDA

    Senator: I do not want to be insured. Will I be required to purchase insurance …. particularly insurance that covers abortions, provides funds for them and increases the availability, even the demand, for abortionists and abortuaries?

  7. Fayzie

    Senator: I sincerely hope that you will veto this health care plan as it will truly hurt the people of the United States. Why everyone is going along with this deal is beyond me. The president has no ideal what he is trying to do to the senior citizens of this country except as I have read—-Eliminate the old people to make more room for the Muslims. I still seriously doubt that he is a legal person to sit in the Oval Office. But that’s my opinion.

  8. Eva Hafer

    Have you read and understand the Health Care Reform Bill in its entirety and will we be able to read it before you vote?

    Here are just a few of our concerns:

    Page 16. Eliminates the choice to purchase private insurance.

    Page 22. Mandates audits of all employers that self-insure

    Page 29. Admission your health care will be rationed.

    Page 42. The “Health Care Commissioner” will decide health benefits for you.

    Page 59. The Federal government will have direct,l real-time access to all individual bank accounts for electronic funds transfer.

    I’m mostly concerned about the Government taking away more of our freedoms!!!

  9. Carolyn

    To Claire I would say: I am a retired federal employee. Do I have a guarantee that you or anyone else WILL NOT TRY TO MAKE A SINGLE CHANGE TO MY FEDERAL EMPLOYEE HEALTH BENEFITS? And what is it I hear that you are taking money intended to fund Medicare to help pay for the public “option?.”
    Please advise how any of you can say you are doing what “we the people” want when we are being ridiculed as plants. To me that is a cop out for not listening to we concerned taxpayers.