Smith & Company Employee Files Ethics Complaint Against Becker/

Dec 06, 2011


I received a letter from the Missouri Ethics Commission on Thursday, Dec 1, stating Joseph Pulliam from Bernie, Mo, was a concerned citizen who would “like to know who supports this cause in the community where I work!”

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  1. Ruthie Carter

    I’m not a bit surprised. Bagby and his city engineering firm are lockstep with the city. I’ve often wondered why Smith is the ONLY engineering firm that we read about that ever gets a contract from the city. What’s the matter with some of the other firms? Why no competition? Then, a few months ago, I was talking with some friends and they told me that Bagby’s friend owned the company. “Bing” light goes on!! Aha, I says; oh yeah, follow the money! Since then, my question has been “how much has this engineering monopoly cost the city?” Follow the thought out further and one then begins to wonder how much the hospital monopoly is going to cost us all…I wish St. Francis had fought as hard over the hospital as Brian is doing over his ISP.

  2. jerry mcdowell

    are you surprised? who is Smith & Company ? get ready its gonna get ugly. cost $$$$$$. why can’t they grow up

  3. Dennis Hubbard

    There we go again. The city bitches about attracting businesses to this area, but they pull crap like this on Brian!! You WE DO NOT WANT A MONOPOLY OPERATING IN OUR CITY!!! This city has always done what the heck they want to and the small guy is just fodder by the side of the road ! Brian, I hate to tell you this but they will find some way to screw you over, no matter what you do. I support you as well as half the people in the city, but mark my word. They don’t call this town Little Chicago for nothing !!